Michael Mosley: The ‘Reason’ you need to eat protein to lose weight – and how much you should eat.


WEIGHT loss occurs when the body is in a calorie deficit, meaning consuming less food than burning. While this may be hard for many, Dr Michael Mosley has explained why increasing protein intake is extremely important in aiding a weight loss journey.

Weight loss can be hard for many, with results taking time to show and it taking a lot of determination. However, eating a protein-rich diet could help aid slimmers, with protein keeping the body fuller for longer as well as support a healthy metabolism.

Dr Michael Mosley, inventor of the 5:2 diet, often shares his weight loss tips online as well as on television.

He has recently shared why it is “really important” to consume protein in your daily diet.

The expert said: “It’s really important to have a decent amount of protein, which is 50-70g a day.

“You can mainly get protein from meat or from fish, and you can also get it from legumes, but you have to eat rather more.

“This is why following the Fast 800 on a vegetarian diet is more challenging.”

According to Healthline, a protein-rich diet helps to boost the metabolism as well as lead to an automatic reduction in calorie intake and cravings.

This is because high-protein foods help to suppress appetite, keeping slimmers fuller for longer.

Other examples of protein-rich foods include eggs, almonds, oats and Greek yoghurt.


Some people may also opt for protein shakes or protein bars to help them increase their intake of the macronutrient.

For those who are vegetarian and looking to follow Dr Mosley’s Fast 800 weight loss plan, he said: “We do have meal replacement shakes which are very rich in protein, and we’re also aiming to produce protein boosters, to help people who might otherwise struggle with it.”

While protein can help slimmers lose weight, it is also an important macronutrient for building muscle.

The expert explained: “The reason for protein is you need it for your muscle.”

The amino acids in protein help to repair and maintain muscle tissue and help you recover from working out.

Dr Mosley added: “You also need it for all sorts of essential metabolic processes, and also because when you consume it, it’s digested slower by the body so you don’t get the same sort of peaks.”

There have been several studies over the years to determine the relationship with weight loss. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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