Michael Mosley recommends removing four common foods from your diet in order to lose weight quickly.


Michael Mosley recommends removing four common foods from your diet to ensure rapid weight loss.

WEIGHT LOSS can be difficult, but Dr. Michael Mosley has some suggestions to make it easier, including eliminating four food groups from your diet.

Dr. Michael Mosley is a big proponent of the Mediterranean Diet, and he thinks it’s the best way to lose weight and stay healthy.

However, this entails “significantly reducing” four food groups.

The dietician explained why, as well as what foods you should eat instead.

Following the 5:2 diet’s enormous success, Dr Michael expanded it by incorporating a Mediterranean Diet on the five non-fasting days.

“Today, we have more hard evidence than ever before that the 5:2 is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep it off – as well as reduce your risk of illness,” he said.

“However, there’s a clever twist this time,” says the narrator.

The New 5:2 involves calorie-controlled dishes made with only five main ingredients.

“Fast Days are easier than ever to shop for and prepare for,” Dr Michael explained why this was beneficial.


“It’s also useful if you’re keeping an eye on both your wallet and your waistline.”

You’ll consume 500 calories two days a week and won’t calorie count the other five days of the week.

Dr Michael recommends switching to a “low carbohydrate, Mediterranean-style diet both on the days you are fasting and when you are not fasting” to “get much more benefit out of intermittent fasting.”

“This means eating more olive oil and nuts, as well as eggs, full-fat yoghurt, oily fish, and vegetables.”

“On your fasting days, make sure to eat plenty of protein and vegetables.”

Protein keeps you full for a long time, and you can eat a lot of vegetables for very few calories,” he added.

However, if you want to lose weight, you must limit your intake of four food groups.

“Cut back on sugar, sugary treats, drinks, and desserts,” he said.

“Most breakfast cereals, which are typically high in sugar, as well as most commercial smoothies, fall into this category.

“Reduce or eliminate starchy carbs, such as bread, pasta, potatoes, and white rice.

“Instead, opt for whole grains such as bulgur (cracked wheat), whole rye, wholegrain barley, wild rice, and buckwheat.”

Brown rice is exactly what it sounds like.

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