Michael Mosley, author of The Fast 800 diet plan, discusses common weight-loss meals.


Michael Mosley, author of The Fast 800 diet plan, discusses common weight-loss meals.

The Fast 800 diet plan’s creator, MICHAEL MOSLEY, frequently promotes his weight-loss ideas and methods on the internet and on television. What is the 800 calorie diet plan and how does it work? The Fast 800 diet has quickly become one of the most popular weight loss programs available, with slimmers dropping an average of 10 pounds in three months. While the plan requires participants to consume only 800 calories per day, Michael Mosley’s approach ensures that they acquire all of the nutrients and vitamins they require.

The regimen, which can be followed for up to 12 weeks, can help you lose weight and improve your metabolic health.

It is likewise divided into two portions, with the first two weeks forcing slimmers to limit their calories to 800.

Meal replacement shakes or low-calorie meals can be used to achieve this.

Slimmers will then progress to the next step, which comprises intermittent fasting for two days a week, followed by a nutritious, low-carb Mediterranean diet for the other five days.

Once dieters have attained their weight loss targets, they enter the maintenance phase of the diet.

People should continue to eat a balanced diet and adopt components of the Mediterranean diet plan, according to Dr. Mosley.

Although rapid weight loss is possible with this regimen, it is not usually suggested.

In order to be sustainable, the NHS recommends shedding one to two pounds of fat every week.

The diet plan, on the other hand, can help slimmers achieve their goals in the near run.

What can you eat if you’re on the Fast 800 diet?

Dr Mosley recently appeared on an episode of ITV’s This Morning, where he discussed three typical diet meals.

“For breakfast, I’d opt for eggs,” he added. “You can have them boiled for 160 calories, or you can have them in omelettes, scrambled, with a little bit of bacon or even smoked salmon for approximately 200 calories.”

“I’ve got something ready for lunch that I prepared earlier.” This is a bean and tomato soup that is really easy to cook and contains a lot of fiber and protein.

“This will add a couple hundred calories to the total.”

Dr. Mosley presented a platter of baked veggies with fish for dinner.

“That’s around 300 calories again,” he added.

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