McDonald’s will introduce four new menu items for a short period, as well as returning fan favorites.


McDonald’s will introduce four new menu items for a short period, as well as returning fan favorites.

This week, MCDONALD’S will introduce four new menu items, including the return of several fan favorites. Only a limited number of products will be available.

McDonald’s frequently changes their menu to include limited-edition items. The beloved McFlurry’s and Mozzarella Dippers will be reintroduced to the menu this week.

The fast food behemoth has revealed some new menu additions.

From this Wednesday, June 16, they will be available in branches across the United Kingdom.

The fresh new BBQ Bacon Stack, which costs £4.79 for the burger or £6.29 for the meal, is one of the new additions.

Two beef patties, pepper jack cheese, and smoky bacon are combined in this extra-large burger, which is topped with tomato, lettuce, and onions.

It will be served on a sesame seed coated Artisan Bun and topped with McDonald’s famous BBQ sauce.

McDonald’s is also bringing back Mozzarella Dippers, which have long been a customer favorite.

They’re available in a three-piece portion for £1.89 or a nine-piece sharing box for £5.09.

The fast food business has updated the limited edition McFlurry on offer as a way to end a meal.

McDonald’s frequently offers a special McFlurry at a somewhat higher price in addition to the classic McFlurry flavors.

The Aero McFlurry will be available in chocolate and mint flavors for those who visit.

Both will be available in standard and small sizes, with the regular costing £1.49 and the little costing 99p.

Customers who wish to try the new menu will have to move soon.

Hungry fast food enthusiasts will only be able to get their hands on them for six weeks.

The new menu is available through the My McDonald’s app for walk-in takeout, drive-thru, McDelivery, and Click and Serve.

Some items have been withdrawn from McDonald’s menus in the United Kingdom, prompting these new inclusions.

Two burgers and two McFlurry flavors will be discontinued starting tomorrow, June 15.

To make room for the new items, the popular Cheese and Herb melt will be discontinued.

The Bacon Clubhouse Double and the Chicken Deluxe burgers are ready to eat.

Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry and Galaxy Caramel McFlurry will be discontinued as well.

Due to a nationwide scarcity, all Chicken Select goods are also unavailable in the United Kingdom.

McDonald’s frequently adds new products to its menu.

The fundamental menu, however, will not change.


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