McDonald’s plans to open 50 new locations in the UK, with more to follow.


McDonald’s plans to open 50 new locations in the UK, with more to follow.

MCDONALD’S has announced the launch of 50 new outlets across the United Kingdom. The iconic fast food restaurant will hire 20,000 more employees as a result of the shift.

McDonald’s has stated that it will be hiring additional employees as part of its expansion plans across the United States. The fast food brand now includes over 1,400 outlets in the UK and Ireland, all of which are owned by local franchisees. The corporation has revealed ambitions to open 50 new chains over the next three years, with another 100 planned in the future.

McDonald’s Chief Executive Paul Pomroy said it’s “wonderful” to be able to hire an additional 20,000 people, according to The Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

“There is no doubt that the epidemic has had a tremendous impact on many people’s employment options and has put the future of high streets across the country in jeopardy,” he continued.

“The decisions we’ve made today reflect our commitment to keep innovating and investing in the communities and economies we serve.”

New McDonald’s outlets will be concentrated on main thoroughfares in an effort to revitalize faltering town centers.

The new eateries’ locations have yet to be revealed by the firm.

It announced in April that it had recovered to pre-pandemic earnings levels after a 7.5 percent increase in sales.

It came after the eatery had been closed for several months due to the epidemic last year.

Due to the loosening of lockdown restrictions, McDonald’s only reopened its doors for dine-in a few months ago.

All employees under the age of 21 will be paid more than the national minimum wage, which is presently £8.91 an hour, under the company’s pay structure.

Fans of the fast food company can now order brand new culinary items that debuted on the menu just last week.

This includes the all-new BBQ Bacon Stack, which costs £4.79 for the burger alone or £6.29 for the entire meal.

Two beef patties, pepper jack cheese, and smoky bacon are used to make the enormous burger, which is topped with tomato, lettuce, and onions.

The business has also reintroduced its renowned mozzarella dippers, which are a customer favorite.

They’re available in a three-piece portion for £1.89 or a nine-piece sharing box for £5.09.

“Brinkwire Summary News” has also introduced desserts to the menu, including McFlurry’s.


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