McDonald’s menu: The SIX MAJOR CHANGES COMING SOON to a McDonald’s near you, including the double Bi.


McDonald’s menu: The SIX MAJOR CHANGES COMING SOON to a McDonald’s near you, including the double Bi.

Fans of MCDONALD’S can anticipate the return of the double Big Mac, but they’ll have to say goodbye to other fan favorites, such as cheese dippers. What are the six major modifications to the McDonald’s menu in the United Kingdom? A drive-thru near you is about to undergo significant changes. For the winter season, McDonald’s has altered its menu. What’s the complete list of adjustments, and how much will a double Big Mac set you back? McDonald’s has announced major changes to its UK menu, with new items arriving in locations next week.

Six new items will be added to the McDonald’s menu on October 13, 2021, including the reintroduction of the double Big Mac.

Six limited-edition items, such as mozzarella dippers, will, however, be removed off the menu until further notice.

So, what’s on the horizon for McDonald’s in the United Kingdom?

Have you ever finished a Big Mac and thought to yourself, “I wish I had another one?” McDonald’s has answered your prayers by bringing back the double Big Mac.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better, but it certainly is in the case of the Big Mac.

Customers can now opt to double their Big Mac, resulting in a Big Mac burger with four beef patties.

Extra salad, an extra slice of cheese, more tempting Big Mac sauce, and an extra bun are all included in the double Big Mac.

A medium Double Big Mac meal costs £5.69, or the sandwich alone costs £4.19 at McDonald’s.

After being removed from the menu at the end of 2020, the double Big Mac is making a comeback.

The double Big Mac isn’t the only thing on the menu that’s new.

To the pleasure of McFlurry enthusiasts, the Crunchie McFlurry (and Crunchie McFlurry small) is returning to McDonald’s shops, especially since many locations had to close their ice cream machines earlier this year.

Nacho cheese wedges will be available for £1.89 starting next week.

In a seasonal shake-up, though, McDonald’s is bidding ‘bye for now’ to six more dishes to make room on the menu.

Regulars at Maccies have till next week to savor some of their favorite dishes.

The Big Tasty burger, which has Emmental cheese and the restaurant’s unique Big Tasty sauce, will be discontinued. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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