McDonald’s is introducing five new menu items today, including a never-before-seen burger.


McDonald’s is introducing five new menu items today, including a never-before-seen burger.

Customers of MCDONALD’S will be able to try five new menu items in the fast-food chain’s restaurants starting today. One of these items is a brand-new item that has never been offered in the United Kingdom before.

McDonald’s updates their menu on a regular basis, introducing new dishes and eliminating old favorites. It will eliminate five foods today and replace them with new ones.

McDonald’s has unveiled five new menu items that will be available from today through mid-August.

The new items will be available for four weeks, or until they sell out, at all of the fast-food giant’s locations.

The new offerings arrive barely two weeks after McDonald’s debuted its McSpicy burger.

This new product sparked outrage on social media, with some fans praising the new burger and others criticizing it.

“The McSpicy bangs,” one person wrote. For it to be permanent, I’ll need a petition.”

“McSpicy burger unpredictably great,” remarked another.

Meanwhile, one McDonald’s patron said, “I had the McSpicy twice and wouldn’t buy it again.”

“The new McSpicy from McDonald’s is disgusting,” said another consumer.

The BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese is one of the new products that will be available today.

This burger is comparable to the famous Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonald’s, but with a twist.

The addition of BBQ sauce to the burger transforms it into a completely new product that has never been sold in the United Kingdom before.

Western BBQ Quarter Pounder was the moniker given to the dish when it was first introduced in Canada earlier this year.

The burger is available as a single beef pattie, which costs £5.09 with fries and a drink, or as two beef patties, which costs £6.09 with fries and a drink.

The Garlic Cheese Bites are another new addition to McDonald’s menu.

These cheesy treats are available in a five-piece serving or a bigger sharing box.

The smaller box costs £1.89, while the larger box costs £5.09.

McFlurries is the other of today’s two new goods.

The fast-food chain’s outlets have reintroduced two new flavors.

Since 2019, Twix and Mars McFlurries haven’t been spotted at McDonald’s.

The little McFlurries cost 99p each, while the full-sized version costs £1.49.

The advent of these ice creams, however, means that two other flavors will be phased out.

McDonald’s is discontinuing their Aero Chocolate and Aero Mint McFlurries as of today.

To create room for the new burger as well as the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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