McDonald’s deal: A savvy consumer reveals how to save £1.65 on a Big Mac meal.


McDonald’s deal: A savvy consumer reveals how to save £1.65 on a Big Mac meal.

Fans of MCDONALD’S can rejoice because there is a clever way to save money on the iconic Big Mac dish.

In the latest episode of Channel 5’s Mysteries of the Fast Food Giants, Alexis Conran investigated the secrets behind famous burgers, pizzas, and burritos. The winner of Celebrity MasterChef wanted to discover if you could make your favorite takeaways at home and have the same wonderful taste. He also showed viewers how to save money, obtain the greatest deal, and acquire extras while placing an order.

Discounts on fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC, to mention a few, are often scarce.

The majority of the menu items are available as part of meal deals, but Alexis noticed a clever approach to save a few pounds.

“How about a cheap burger from a prominent high-street chain?” He stated his case.

“And here’s how… you’ll need a receipt to get a drastically discounted Big Mac.

“We got this with a £1.05 coffee and used the ticket to complete a quick online survey.

“When it’s done, you can get a burger and standard fries for £1.99, including coffee.

The presenter said, “That’s £1.65 less than a dinner package.”

In reality, certain things on the McDonald’s menu are less expensive than a cup of coffee.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need a receipt to get the survey code.

Alexis also shared the greatest method for getting the most pizza for your money.

“Keep in mind that larger pizzas are nearly always better value than smaller pizzas when ordering your weekend treat.

“A large 13-and-a-half-inch pepperoni pizza from one takeaway restaurant, for example, costs only £2 more than a medium 11-and-a-half-inch.

“However, you receive roughly 30% more pizza.

“So, if you’re ordering with pals or want two distinct pizzas, getting a big and splitting it works out cheaper,” he stated. “You can even mix and match your toppings.”

If you’re craving Mexican, Alexis has some tips to help you get more guacamole for your buck.

“First and foremost, ordering your burrito online and using cash back sites can save you a lot of money,” the host explained.

“These businesses run promotions on a regular basis.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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