Maggie Smith’s health: After a ‘huge fright,’ the actress is ‘very disturbed’ – symptoms.


DAME MAGGIE SMITH is a beloved actress. The celebrated star has appeared in some of TV and films most iconic franchises, and at 86 years old is not planning on stopping as she has reportedly already signed up for the Downton Abbey sequel film. It was on the Downton set one year where the actress suffered a terrifying health scare.

The legendary actress played the role of Violet Crawley throughout all the series of the popular ITV show, which was created and co-written by Julian Fellows. The historical drama ran from 2010 to 2015 and a feature film followed, being released in cinemas back in 2019. Despite the drama that occurs within the Crawley family onscreen, offscreen Dame Maggie was experiencing some drama of her own.

After complaining of severe chest pain, the actress was rushed to hospital in London for further tests.

At the time a source told the Sunday Mirror: “It was a big scare.

“It was extremely distressing for her but she did the right thing and made sure she got to hospital as soon as possible.”

Amidst the panic, fans became worried about the actress’ future in the role, as did sources close to the actress, who added: “[She will] have to think very carefully now about whether she stays in the show.

“Her health always comes first and I am sure she will take advice from the experts.”

After medical professionals checked the star over she was discharged from hospital the same day. Later on a statement from her spokeswoman said: “She is fine and well and at home.”

This most recent health scare was not the first that led to the star questioning her future in the acting industry.

In 2009 Dame Maggie was “knocked sideways” by breast cancer and subsequently underwent both chemo and radiotherapy.

Although keeping details about her health extremely close to her chest, at the time friends of the actress described her as “brave and understated,” as the last thing she wanted to do was “make a fuss about it”.

To delighted fans the star was still able to make an appearance in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, where she played schoolmistress Minerva McGonagall.

However, talking after her ordeal the actress said: “It leaves you so flattened.

“I’m not sure I could go back to theatre work, ­ although film work is. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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