Lovelyz have disbanded, and Baby Soul and Mijoo have announced their next steps in their careers.


Lovelyz has disbanded, and Baby Soul and Mijoo have announced their next steps in their careers.

Lovelyz were on a one-year forced hiatus, and fans were clamoring for them to leave their record label.

On November 16, the members’ contracts with their label, Woollim Entertainment, expired, and Lovelyz disbanded.

The unreasonable hiatus of the K-pop girl group had fans as well as members talking about it last month.

The popular third-generation group debuted in 2014 and had several hit singles, including “Destiny” and “Twinkle.”

With the label also home to the hugely popular girl group Infinite, fans expected the girl group to continue to rule the K-pop scene.

Unfortunately, with Mijoo and Baby Soul going solo, this is not the case.

Lovelyz’s popularity dwindled under Woollim, according to fans, and comebacks became increasingly rare.

Their most recent studio album was released in 2017, and they will be back in September 2020.

Despite the fact that the EP ‘Unforgettable’ did well and was ranked (hashtag)5 on the Gaon Album Chart, that was the last time the K-pop girl group was seen by fans.

They were put on hold by Woollim for an undisclosed reason.

With Lovelyz’s contract expiring in November, fans began to tweet ‘Lovelyz Deserves Better’ and demanded an explanation.

Will Lovelyz leave Woollim? During their forced hiatus, the song ‘Lovelyz Deserves Better’ is trending.

Members of Lovelyz have left Woollim, with fans hoping for a ‘new start.’

The solo careers of Baby Soul and Mijoo have begun.

Jisoo and JIN were among the members who spoke out about the hiatus.

JIN joked about forgetting she was an idol.

Jisoo, on the other hand, was more forthright, stating that they were not on hiatus because they were lazy, as some trolls had suggested.

Lovelyz had requested a comeback from the label and stated that they would not be waiting around indefinitely.

Regrettably, the social media uproar did not assist the girls.

Woollim revealed on November 1 that seven of the eight members of Lovelyz would not be renewing their contracts and would be leaving the label.

The group’s leader, Baby Soul, was the only one who had decided to stay and had extended her contract.

Fans had hoped that, like Infinite and GOT7, Lovelyz would remain together despite the girls leaving and signing with different labels.

However, this is not the case.

On November 16, the girl group officially disbanded, and the next day, on November 17, we learned about some of the members’ future plans.


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