Lorraine Kelly reduced two dress sizes after following a simple and “tasty” diet.


Lorraine Kelly reduced two dress sizes after following a simple and “tasty” diet.

After a long and successful career hosting morning television shows, LORRAINE KELLY is one of the most well-known morning TV stars. The presenter has shed pounds in recent years and now appears to be in better health and happier than ever. But how did she manage to achieve it?

Lorraine Kelly, 61, is a well-known television personality who has hosted shows such as Good Morning Britain, GMTV, and Lorraine. Following a simple and “tasty” diet, the celebrity recently slimmed down and dropped two dress sizes. How?

Lorraine went from a size 14 to a size 10 without changing her diet.

On This Morning, the actress admitted that she did not restrict her diet in order to lose weight.

The presenter revealed that she has a simple weight-loss trick: portion restriction.

“Diets don’t work for me. Lorraine explained, “It’s all about portion management.”

“When my spouse cooks for me, I occasionally inquire, ‘How many people are coming over?’

“As well as being sensible, portion control and not snacking as much are important.”

Lorraine claims that anyone may have a bikini physique and never weighs herself.

People are more inclined to adopt a healthy diet if they enjoy what they are eating, according to the star.

“I believe it is all about going at our own pace. We are significantly more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan if we have delicious food, and we are far less likely to abandon an exercise regimen if it is enjoyable.”

But, on a regular basis, what does Lorraine eat?

Lorraine’s food plan begins with a nutritious breakfast – her favorite is porridge with honey, almonds, raisins, or berries, though she prefers a more elaborate breakfast on weekends.

She told Asda Good Living, “Sunday morning is his’special’ – a tower of a potato scone with bacon and black pudding on top, and a poached egg on top.”

“For breakfast, I always have porridge and fruit, and starting next week, I’m going to make a big pot of spicy vegetable soup that I can heat up quickly for lunch,” she told HELLO!

Lorraine prefers soups and a warm handmade recipe for lunch, always ensuring that it is a substantial meal.

“I learnt the hard way that fad diets eventually lead to obesity.

“I usually eat healthily.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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