Lilly Sabri’s great abs are due to her diet, according to Instagram workout guru Lilly Sabri.


Lilly Sabri’s great abs are due to her diet, according to Instagram workout guru Lilly Sabri.

LILLY SABRI, an Instagram fitness instructor with 688k followers, is known for her toned abs. With this website, the former physiotherapist outlined her regular daily diet.

Lilly, who is well-known for her training routines, fuels her body with a balanced and nutritious diet. Lilly starts her day with a coffee smoothie made with her own Lean Superfood Protein powder. After that, she eats her first meal.

Lilly said on this website, where she also described her belly fat burning guide: “Avocado toast with a poached or scrambled egg on the side is a normal meal.

“Normally, I’ll toast rye bread or sourdough bread.

I don’t usually eat white bread because I don’t care for it. Wholemeal is my preferred option.

“I usually have it toasted with scrambled eggs on the side, and then I top it with my Superfood Booster because I enjoy some flavor and garlic. As a result, that will be my breakfast.” Lilly, a former physiotherapist who now devotes her time to producing workouts for her No. 1 Fitness App @leanwithlilly, eats snacks to maintain her active lifestyle.

“I’ll then eat something because I usually film first thing in the morning. I’m a walking filmmaking machine when I’m filming for YouTube “she clarified

“I’ll have a protein bar or a banana with peanut butter on occasion.”

Lilly described her lunch as follows: “I don’t have time to cook three meals a day, so I usually eat leftovers from the night before. I like bulk cooking to save time, so I don’t have time to cook three meals a day.

“Because I’ve previously done a lot of workouts, it’s usually pretty carbohydrate-heavy.

“It will either be made with rice, pasta, or potatoes. A tuna pasta bake with a side salad is a classic dish.

“Chickpea burgers are another favorite. I make them ahead of time and then toss them on the stove for a few minutes on each side until they’re done.” Lilly has another snack after lunch.

“Normally, after a workout, I’d have another smoothie or a protein bar.”

Lilly enjoys a hearty meal. She stated, ” “I go all out for supper. My large dinner is one of my favorites.

“It’ll most likely be carb-based. We had a Malaysian curry dish last night, which was made by Alex’s (Lilly’s partner) mother.

“It’s a pineapple Malaysian curry that was quite simple to make.” Brinkwire Summary News “..


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