Lewis Hamilton is back after being ‘destroyed’ by Covid – the symptoms of the Formula One champion


Lewis Hamilton is back after being ‘destroyed’ by Covid – the symptoms of the Formula One champion

Lewis Hamilton, 36, is back in peak shape ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday, August 1st, after testing positive for Coronavirus in December 2020.

The race versus Max Verstappen, 23, is expected to be a nail-biter after a collision between the two in the British GP resulted in a ten-second penalty for Hamilton. After demonstrating minor symptoms and testing positive for Coronavirus, the seven-time Formula One world champion missed the Sakhir Grand Prix at the end of last year. This forced him to withdraw from racing in Bahrain, but he recovered in time for the season’s last race in Abu Dhabi, where he finished third overall. “I am destroyed,” Lewis Hamilton told the BBC after his return. I’m not in a good mood. Covid isn’t joking around. It never occurred to me that it was.

“I knew it would be difficult if I received it at some point since people are dying out there.” As a result, I realized it was serious.”

When asked if he was still suffering from coronavirus symptoms, he replied, “Physically, hugely.” I’m not sure I’ve ever been so taken aback. My body isn’t in great shape.

“I knew I wouldn’t be physically where I had been the rest of the season to be able to come back here this weekend, but I made it.

“Where there is a will, there is a way,” he continued. I try to see the good side; I made it thus far. Symptoms of high blood pressure include a common indicator of hypertension in the nostrils.

“I didn’t believe I’d be here last week, so I’m just grateful for my health and to be alive.”

In the F1 2020 season, Hamilton was one of six drivers that tested positive for Coronavirus.

The season was first halted in March 2020, after which a series of protocols were established to maintain social distance.

Hamilton said that it was one of the most difficult years of his life since things were out of the ordinary.

Coronavirus symptoms now include:

Coronavirus is still wreaking havoc on the sport, with the F1 calendar for 2021 undergoing considerable changes.

This includes the cancellation of the Australian GP and the replacement of the Singapore GP with the Turkey GP.

Following its inclusion in the “Brinkwire Summary News,” the newest British Grand Prix, which took place at Silverstone on July 18th, was able to draw a full-house crowd.


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