Katie Price reveals the facts of her most recent surgery, saying, “I don’t want to look like a monster.”


Katie Price reveals the facts of her most recent surgery, saying, “I don’t want to look like a monster.”

KATIE PRICE has revealed that she underwent surgery in Turkey in June of this year, when the country was (and still is) on the red list. The former model said it had to be done to “feel good on camera,” despite government advise.

Katie Price, who compared her cosmetic surgery to having a MOT for her car, had a “cat eye” lift and full-body liposuction, among other treatments. Katie revealed on ITV’s Good Morning Britain about her newest surgery, “People believe I’m obsessed with surgery.” GMB host Kate Garraway questioned why the mother of five, who wants another child, would fly to a “red zone” during a pandemic, especially since her mother is gravely ill.

Katie wished her mother, Amy, “good luck” at the hospital today, explaining that she required surgery to look good for her summer work.

Katie traveled to Turkey on June 17 after obtaining two coronavirus vaccinations, which puts her in the “red zone.”

In May, the United Kingdom implemented a traffic-light system.

Green, amber, and red list countries are included in the system, with each color denoting various testing and quarantining requirements.

Many countries have been placed on the “red list,” including Turkey. “You should not travel to red list nations or territories,” the government advises.

Going fully against that advice came with its own set of risks.

Dr. Amir added his two cents, telling Katie that he would advise her to “wait” before travelling abroad for surgery.

He stated, “We have to prioritize the lives and health of everyone else around us.”

Katie nodded, emphasizing that she was “extremely careful” and had both jabs before fying.

Katie, 43, had to undergo a blood transfusion as a result of her surgery, so it wasn’t the only risk she incurred.

Cosmetic surgery has the potential for – and does have the potential for – issues.

“Having surgery isn’t a lot of fun,” Katie explained. “It is excruciatingly unpleasant, yet it is unavoidable.”

“I could go all out,” she said, “but I don’t want to come out as a freak.”

Katie noticed a line in her groin when she awoke from surgery – “I’ve never experienced that before” – which she claims was one of eight marks on her body.

According to Katie, the markings were caused by her thin veins, which made it difficult for physicians to operate.


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