Katie McGlynn’s health: The’really odd’ health worry of the new Strictly Come Dancing star.


Katie McGlynn’s health: The’really odd’ health worry of the new Strictly Come Dancing star.

The actress KATIE MCGLYNN has been confirmed as the latest celebrity contender on Strictly Come Dancing, bringing drama to the dance floor. Let’s hope she doesn’t have another “very strange” health crisis on air.

Katie McGlynn, best known for her roles in Coronation Street, Waterloo Road, and Hollyoaks, took an unusual turn when it came to performing in front of a live audience. The 28-year-old was cast to play Tinker Bell in a pantomime production of Peter Pan and “felt a little weird.” Katie revealed: “I was feeling a little under the weather” in a Lorraine episode.

“But, knowing me, I just pushed through and didn’t give it a second thought. I was under the impression that I had caught a cold.”

Katie was playing three gigs a day at one point and “loving every minute of it,” but she wasn’t feeling well.

She remarked, “I was feeling a little off and sick and hot and a little stumbly.”

“I thought to myself, ‘This is pretty strange.’ I was really disoriented.’ Then I passed out in between shows.”

It was all “a bit of a haze,” Katie said, but it was “quite dramatic.”

“There was an ambulance — I don’t recall seeing one; all I remember is waking up in A&E dressed as Tinker Bell. I’d had enough.”

Exhaustion and a viral infection were among the hospital’s medical diagnoses, which necessitated bed rest.

Katie, though, was still not feeling well after a few of days of bed rest.

Katie sought additional medical counsel from her doctor, who advised her that she might need up to two weeks of bed rest due to the viral infection.

Katie was unable to continue with the pantomime at Northwich Memorial Court in Cheshire as a result of this.

“I believe I’ve only missed one day of work in my life due to tonsillitis. As a result, this was quite difficult for her,” she said.

Katie was “gutted” that she wouldn’t be able to continue playing Tinker Bell because she “loved the character” and “everyone there.”

Viruses, according to MedlinePlus, are “extremely tiny organisms” that can cause infectious diseases including the common cold, flu, and warts.

Viruses are also responsible for more dangerous diseases including HIV, ebola, and Covid.

Viruses, often known as “hijackers,” infiltrate live cells and use them to replicate copies of themselves.

“This has the potential to kill, harm, or change.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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