JYP Entertainment introduces all six members of the rookie boy group Xdinary Heroes.


JYP Entertainment introduces all six members of the rookie boy band Xdinary Heroes.

While the group’s debut date has yet to be announced, JYP Entertainment has released video teasers that tell the stories of six ordinary boys and their extraordinary journey.

Many agencies have announced their official groups that will soon debut to take over the rising industry, and new K-pop groups are on the verge of debuting.

In the wake of smaller labels releasing groups like bugAboo, NIK, and Billlie in recent months, larger and more well-known labels are announcing their upcoming groups that will dominate the K-pop world.

Because Hallyu has already spread around the world, it has become much easier for K-pop groups to gain popularity.

The rise of newer groups from bigger labels is a given, with new groups like aespa coming from a major label like SM Entertainment or Enhypen coming from Belift Lab, a HYBE labels subsidiary.

JYP Entertainment, one of the K-pop industry’s Big Three labels, is in the same boat.

GOT7, one of JYP Entertainment’s most powerful boybands, left the label in 2020, leaving the label with a rookie boy group and a pre-debut girl group.

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After blind pre-orders, JYPE reveals six members of their new K-pop girl group, JYPn.

Starship Entertainment has revealed all of the members of its K-pop girl group IVE.

JYPE introduces two new groups.

JYP Entertainment’s (JYPE) seven-member girl group JYPn will take over the label alongside the current lineup of groups managed by the label, which includes 2PM, Day6, Twice, Boy Story, Stray Kids, Itzy, and NiziU. On the other hand, JYPE has revealed the members of their rookie boy group Xdinary Heroes, who will soon make their debut as a six-member rock band alongside their senior labelmates Day6.

JYPE unveiled their new group’s logo and name on November 8.

The name Xdinary Heroes was later revealed to be an abbreviation for ‘Extra Ordinary Heroes,’ reinforcing the fact that the members of this group are ordinary people, leading fans to believe that ‘anyone can become a hero.’

Xdinary Heroes members

JYPE unveiled all six members of the group with short teasers that resembled short films that introduced each member, their names, and their respective stores.

JYPE has taken a unique approach to introducing the members of their new rock band to fans, with teasers describing the traits and potentials of each member of the rookie group having a significant impact on viewers.

Jooyeon is a Korean actress and singer.

JYPE will debut their first member on November 15th.

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