Jamie Oliver’s weight loss: ‘It’s been great,’ says the chef, who lost two stone by leaving out one thing.


Jamie Oliver’s weight loss: ‘It’s been great,’ says the chef, who lost two stone by leaving out one thing.

JAMIE OLIVER spoke up about his weight loss struggle, revealing how a simple diet modification helped him shed two stone. What did he eliminate? Jamie Oliver, 46, is a British television chef who has lost weight in recent years. But how did the chef lose two stone in such a short period of time? Jamie Oliver has undergone a significant physical transformation in recent years.

In a relatively short period of time, the TV chef shed two stone.

Jamie stated that he altered his diet marginally, but more crucially, he reduced his intake of one meal.

During an interview with Radio Times, he revealed, “I pushed meat down, pushed veggie up, got more sleep and more movement.”

Apart from reducing his meat consumption, the chef focused on eating healthy.

The chef noticed an immediate change when he began eating healthier foods and creating healthier dishes.

“I lost 12 kilos in a matter of weeks, and it wasn’t because I didn’t eat.”

Jamie remarked, “I ate a lot, more than I was used to.”

His key, though, was to replace big portions of meat with more veggies.

Jamie also talked about his go-to snack for staying in shape: almonds.

“They cut your chances of having a heart attack in half.” “Feed them to your children as well,” he said.

Jamie also made other lifestyle modifications, such as reducing his alcohol consumption and getting more sleep.

“The average Brit consumes alcoholic beverages. I’m not advising you what to do, but I’ve settled into a weekend-only drinking routine.

“It’s about having a conscious awareness of what you’re doing and being more thoughtful.”

Jamie also mentioned one meal that aided with his weight loss: seaweed.

“I used to think seaweed was for hippies and globetrotters, yet our forefathers ate it.” It’s high in iodine and is the world’s most nutritious vegetable,” he explained. After realizing how harmful his lifestyle was, the renowned chef determined to lose weight.

“I realized I hadn’t spent nearly enough time caring for myself.”

“I returned to school and began researching nutrition, as well as traveling to areas of the world where people live the longest lives and observing their habits.

On Loose Women, he revealed, “That was the voyage, and it’s been great.”


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