Jamie Oliver discusses his recipe for cauliflower curry and his notion for the “perfect dinner party.”


Jamie Oliver discusses his recipe for cauliflower curry and his notion for the “perfect dinner party.”

JAMIE OLIVER stated that curry would be served at his “ultimate dinner party.” The chef’s Gnarly Cauliflower Curry recipe is below.

Together, Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook, promises 120 recipes focused on “comfort, celebration, building new memories, and, above all, sharing delicious food.” Before the book is released, the chef has been polling his Twitter followers to find out who their ideal dinner party guests are and what they would serve. Jamie recommended making a curry when discussing his own feast ideas. Here’s how to make his Gnarly Cauliflower Curry at home.

Jamie asked his 8.6 million Instagram Stories followers, “Who would be at your dream dinner party?”

“I have absolutely been adoring your comments, your ideas on what you’re going to eat, and all the people you’d want around your dinner table,” he revealed in a video.

“Imagine if we were able to make this a reality!

“All right, I promised I’d tell you mine if you told me yours.

“So, I’m guessing I’d have Bob Marley and Shakespeare at my ultimate dinner party…right?” Fanny Craddock, the old school chef, and Amy Whinehouse were added to the mix.

Jamie added, “I’d have them around the table and we’d have a curry.”

“Just think about it. Come on, let’s have a curry night with Fanny Craddock, Bob Marley, Shakespeare, and Amy Whinehouse!

“Who wouldn’t want to be at that dinner party?” says the narrator.

Jamie has made a lot of curries over the years, but his Gnarly Cauliflower Curry promises to be a “great source of vitamin C and folic acid, both of which help the brain operate properly.”

The meal feeds two people and takes 50 minutes to prepare, with a “not too difficult” difficulty rating.

Cauliflower, medium (1kg)

rogan josh curry paste (two heaping tablespoons)

1 onion, red

Garlic cloves, two

Basmati rice, 150 g

Lemons (two)

fresh coriander, half a bunch (15g)

Pickled chilies (optional – see tip)

olive oil (extra virgin)

half a tin of light coconut milk (400 g)

4 poppadoms (uncooked)

1 tblsp. dried red chili flakes

natural yoghurt, two heaping tablespoons

Preheat the grill to high temperature.

Trim the cauliflower, reserving any leaves, and then cut it in half into the core. Slice each half into three thick slices, then arrange in a single layer in a large ovenproof pan (30cm).

Season the cauliflower with sea salt after applying the rogan josh paste. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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