James Martin’s health: The TV chef discusses how he has learned to manage with his long-term illness.


James Martin’s health: The TV chef discusses how he has learned to manage with his long-term illness.

JAMES MARTIN, 49, appears to have his hand in a lot of pies, with a popular cooking show and a slew of cookbooks to his credit. Living with dyslexia has been praised with propelling him to success, and James provided an innovative suggestion for managing with the disease a few years ago.

James Martin’s career appears to be progressing in a positive direction. Every weekend, his ITV show Saturday Morning with James Martin airs, and he has a plethora of bestselling food books under his belt. For the TV chef, writing recipes could have been a challenge. James suffers from dyslexia, a common learning disability that affects reading, writing, and spelling.

However, the chef devised an amazing workaround that allowed him to easily write his food books.

“Dyslexia hasn’t limited me when it comes to recipes, though, as they’re a learning process,” he told The Sun a few years ago. I also compose cook books with a dictaphone.”

James talked about how he’s learnt to deal with his dyslexia in various ways.

“I just bought my first pair of glasses because my eyesight is worsening — even my iPad has grown in size!”

The Saturday Morning Chef has discussed how his learning disability has helped him advance in his business.

James told the Mail Online in 2013 that his learning disability “drove me to achievement.”

“I suppose it’s because you’re constantly proving yourself,” he explained.

“It isn’t a financial issue. It’s about proving to yourself that you can do it because you were five to ten years behind everyone else in school when you were younger. I’ve had to fight for everything my entire life.”

“Signs of dyslexia normally become obvious when a kid begins school and begins to focus more on learning how to read and write,” according to the NHS.

Dyslexics may be prone to:

However, according to the NHS, “people with dyslexia often have good talents in other areas, such as creative thinking and problem solving.”

Dyslexia is a lifelong condition that can cause difficulties on a daily basis, but there is aid available to manage symptoms.

Dyslexic people generally find technological assistance such as computer packages, digital recorders, and smartphones useful, according to the Dyslexia Association.

“This relieves them of some of the burden of written labor and routine organization, allowing them to focus on the parts.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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