James Martin demonstrates how to make halloumi that is “off the charts” with “just a little bit of oil.”


James Martin demonstrates how to make halloumi that is “off the charts” with “just a little bit of oil.”

JAMES MARTIN gives cooking advice on television on a regular basis. The famous chef demonstrated the best way to cook halloumi on today’s episode of James Martin’s Saturday Morning.

Throughout his television career, James Martin has shared a large number of recipes, both savory and sweet. The chef demonstrated how to cook halloumi so that it does not become rubbery and chewy on his show today.

Despite its ease of preparation, many people struggle to master halloumi because they desire a chargrilled appearance.

However, this can result in the cheese becoming rubbery and squeaky, which is not the desired texture.

Finding a good quality cheese is the first step in making soft and tasty halloumi.

His cheese, according to James Martin, came from a farm on the Isle of Wight.

The chef explained how to prepare halloumi, saying, “Some of it is horrific, it’s like chewing on a piece of rubber, it’s horrible stuff.”

“However, this is out of this world.”

The world-famous chef began by slicing his halloumi into thin slices to ensure that the cheese was fully cooked.

Halloumi can be purchased already cut in the store or cut at home with a sharp knife.

It’s best to slice it into 1/2cm thick slices.

“So, first and foremost, we’re going to get this nice and hot,” James explained.

“Just use a little bit of oil for this one first of all and I’m just going to get a nice little bit of colour to this.”

James then placed the halloumi into his frying pan, and added that “just one side” should be cooking at any one time.

It is also important to make sure the pan is fairly hot before adding the halloumi to make sure it gets nice and crisp on the outside.

He went on: “This is only just to get a nice little bit of flavour on it.”

It is recommended to cook halloumi for a maximum time of a couple of minutes on each side, so that it has a crisp outside and a soft inside.

The chef added: “It’s so quick and you don’t want to overcook it, because obviously it’s going to colour in the centre anyway.”

Last month, James shared how to make a homemade lemon mayonnaise that would be perfect to. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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