I’ve been labeled overweight for 35 years, but I’ve recently discovered that my size 36 body isn’t my fault.


I’ve been labeled overweight for 35 years, but I’ve recently discovered that my size 36 body isn’t my fault.

A WOMAN who has been labeled as “big” for 35 years has finally realized that her size 36 body is “not her fault.”

Nicky Gregory began gaining weight when she was 13 years old, and as a result, she went through a period of intense dieting throughout her adolescence.

Nicky, now 50, has been diagnosed with lipoedema, a lymphatic system disorder that causes an abnormal build-up of fat in the legs and limbs.

The nutritional therapist wears a size 34-36 in the bottom half and a size 28 in the upper half of her body, and she claims that ‘horrifying’ comments, such as being told during a gynecological treatment that her legs are ‘appallingly’ enormous, have made her wish to be invisible.

Nicky, from Hampshire’s Andover, was diagnosed with stage three lipoedema just two years ago and said it was “extremely powerful” to finally hear from a medical professional that her weight wasn’t her fault.

Nicky now dedicates her Instagram to lipoedema, even posing in bikinis, which is a “million miles” out of her comfort zone, in an effort to eradicate the social stigma associated with the condition.

Despite displaying signs declaring ‘no sexual content,’ she has been flooded with messages from people requesting for nude images.

Fortunately, Nicky added, Instagram filters out a lot of the photographs she receives from men.

She stated, ” “Men also ask me for sexually explicit material. ‘Can you turn around?’ people would simply ask. [nude]Is it possible for you to walk away from the camera? They simply wish to examine the body in that manner.

“‘Why would you believe this is acceptable?’ I replied the first couple of times. What makes you send such personal messages to someone you don’t know?’ and the same responses would usually come back: ‘I adore huge women.’ ‘I adore huge women.’

“Unfortunately, I believe that women with lipoedema should be cautious, as there is a growing trend of men posing as women and requesting images.

“‘I’m just your shape,’ I’ve gotten a few messages from women who claim to be women. I’m having trouble with this, so could you show me your bottom? ‘Could you please show me your legs?’ Then it’s not difficult to figure out that they aren’t who they claim to be. So there’s a dark component to it.” Nicky said she uses Instagram to raise awareness about her disease and to show other ladies her physique who may be experiencing similar problems.

Nicky began to gain weight throughout her adolescent years, and she claims it began with her legs and bum. She now claims to have lipoedema in her arms as well.

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