‘It’s dreadful!’ says James Martin of a ‘horrendous’ cooking ingredient that should be banned.


‘It’s dreadful!’ says James Martin about why a ‘horrendous’ cooking ingredient should be banned.

JAMES MARTIN has called for the outlawing of a common cooking ingredient that he describes as “awful.”

James Martin’s upbringing as a farmer’s son, combined with his classically French culinary training, has had a significant impact on his cooking style.

The Yorkshire-born 49-year-old is well-known across the country for his straightforward but delectable recipes, as well as his cheeky chappy persona, which he displays on shows like James Martin’s Saturday Morning and Saturday Kitchen.

James explained why he thinks one ingredient should be banned and never used in cooking in a recent interview.

“Margarine should be banned,” he told The Herald in November last year.

“It’s terrible, terrible stuff.”

“It’s two elements away from plastic, and it’s awful.”

He even stated that margarine is “not food.”

The chef was referring to butter, one of his favorite ingredients at the time, and stated that “no substitute” exists for it.

“I’m a farmer’s kid,” he said, explaining that he ate a lot of it as a kid.

“Full-fat milk, butter, and cream have always been staples in our house.”

That’s exactly what we had.

“We didn’t have semi-skimmed milk in our house.”

Some argue that butter is unhealthy and should not be consumed frequently, especially if you are on a diet.

James, on the other hand, did not agree.

“It’s not the butter consumption,” he explained.

“The problem in this country is ready-made food, packet food, hidden salt, hidden fat.”

“It’s not butter from a block or butter spread on toast.

“It’s because there aren’t as many cooks in the United Kingdom as there are in France, Italy, or Spain.”

James went on to tell The Herald about his childhood, including what his mother used to pack in his school lunchbox.

“Buttered white sliced bread with mashed up banana and a Cadbury Flake on top, press it down, wrap it in cling film,” he said.

“By lunchtime, it looked almost like a tennis ball, because the cling film had come off.”

“Everything would congeal.”

You, on the other hand, were able to consume it.

“No one wanted to swap with me, but it was the right thing to do.”

James’ fondness for butter has apparently followed him into adulthood, as he makes sure to spread enough of it on his toast even now.

“If it’s butter, I can’t eat it.”

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