‘It’s a ruse!’ Sugar and salt taxes would raise the cost of some foods by 40%.


‘It’s a ruse!’ Sugar and salt taxes would raise the cost of some foods by 40%.

As part of the government’s National Food Strategy, a new sugar and salt tax could be implemented in England. Although the levy is intended to reduce obesity, some foods, such as chocolate bars and crisps, may see their costs rise as a result of it.

Britons have taken to social media to voice their displeasure with the government’s proposed sugar and salt tax. Some people are upset about the potential shift, believing that it will hurt lower-income families and make people “poorer” rather than “thinner.”

Food products sold in shops, cafés, and canteens across England could be subjected to the world’s first Salt and Sugar Reformulation tax.

This will be a part of the new National Food Strategy for the country.

The government may also invest £50 million in the development of alternative proteins, such as plant-based foods or lab-grown meat, that can be used as sustainable options in ready meals.

Henry Dimbleby, the government’s food tsar and adviser, has urged the government to address England’s obesity issue as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson commissioned Mr Dimbleby’s National Food Strategy research, which revealed that inadequate diets cause 64,000 deaths in the UK each year.

According to the analysis, they also cost the economy £74 billion.

According to the food tsar’s report, the food that Britons eat and how it is produced has a negative influence on the country’s health and is “doing catastrophic damage to the world.”

However, the proposed sugar and salt tax could raise the cost of various meals, impacting low-income families.

The levy may raise the cost of a packet of crisps by 1p and a small chocolate bar by 7.5p.

Strawberry jam could rise 46 percent in price, from £1.25 to £1.82.

Meanwhile, the cost of soy sauce is expected to climb by 43%, from 60p to 86p.

According to a study conducted by three think groups, these estimates are accurate.

The Sugar and Salt Tax, according to the Tax Payers’ Alliance (TPA), Adam Smith Institute, and Institute of Economic Affairs, will increase the average family’s food bill by £172 per year.

The tax would be implemented by the end of the decade if Mr Dimbleby’s review is approved by the government.

Britons online lambasted the proposed tax after it was introduced this week.

Some alleged it was a “scam” designed to enrich the government at the expense of the poorest families.

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