Is this your first date? According to the survey, you must incorporate food.


Is this your first date? According to the survey, you must incorporate food.

Food-loving Brits believe that a first date should always include a meal, but will wait until the fourth date to have oysters, sushi, or corn on the cob. In a survey of 2,000 adults, one-fifth said they look for someone who is passionate about food in a potential mate, and 29% said a picky eater would turn them off.

Knowing someone is a good cook, according to a third, is a turn on. Dining out (65%), visiting to a food market (27%) and exploring food festivals were considered to be great first date setups, with 29 percent believing that a first date should always include food (25 percent).

However, mussels, ribs, and lobster are among the dishes that Brits would avoid on a first date, with pizza (39 percent), steak (37 percent), and a roast dinner (35 percent) being the safe bets.

Desserts like chocolate brownies (27 percent), apple crumble (28 percent), and apple pie were also popular and not too dangerous (29 percent).

The survey, commissioned by European bakery experts St Pierre, discovered that it takes four dates to eat breakfast and that sharing “risky” meals with someone is considered “acceptable.”

However, 23% of those who have gone on an early morning date believe that brunch keeps the ambiance calm and easygoing, and a tenth believe it is more romantic than any other meal.

It was also discovered that steak (24 percent) is the preferred dish for a marriage proposal, while meeting the in-laws should be accompanied with a roast supper (45 percent).

When it comes to the first dinner in a new home (35 percent), bringing a new-born baby home (24 percent), and going through a breakup (all 24 percent), pizza is the go-to (17 percent).

“The research illustrates just how crucial food is to building connections in our personal lives – whether it’s starting out in a new relationship or other events later in life,” said Paul Baker, the creator of St Pierre Bakery.

“Food provides individuals something to talk about on a date, allowing them to sample new dishes and discuss their culinary preferences – something that may definitely make or break a potential partner.

“Breakfast and brunch have risen in popularity as a way to catch up with friends, dates, and family throughout the years, and it appears that some people now prefer it.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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