Is Joe West dead in the second episode of Season 8 of ‘The Flash’? EVERYTHING IS CHANGED BY A SURPRISING DEATH.


Is Joe West dead in the second episode of Season 8 of ‘The Flash’? EVERYTHING IS CHANGED BY A SURPRISING DEATH.

Is this the beginning of the end for Barry? The Flash suffered the shock of his life when he learned of Joe West’s death.

Fans knew that the most recent season of ‘The Flash’ would be the most important ever since Team Flash would face a threat unlike any other. The Flash and his comrades defeated Speed Force and saved the world during the previous season. However, the adversary they are up against this time is far more formidable than any of the previous aliens they have seen.

Despero (Tony Curran) is the villain in question, an alien who has arrived to Earth after his planet was destroyed by an evil force. He has now arrived on Earth to assassinate the devil who is attempting to complete the task. Unfortunately, according to him, that wicked man is Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). Despero has given him a week to prove his worth or he would murder him.

Season 8 Episode 2 of ‘The Flash’: It’s the beginning of the end as Barry loses his mind

Season 8 Episode 1 of ‘The Flash’: Barry discovers a terrible truth about himself and ‘Armageddon.’

Barry spent the entire second episode attempting to contain the chaos around him. While attempting to pull off a heist, a psychic Meta named Xotar plays with his mind and tries to dominate him. Xotar gains control of him and attempts to inflict pain on him by bending his bones. His powers start to go out of control as soon as the strain builds up on him, and they need a way out. Finally, he releases a massive amount of lightning from his body to defeat Xotar. When everything appears to be alright, Barry learns that Joseph West has died, and that he died 6 months ago. Barry delivered the eulogy at his funeral, and Iris was the one who told him everything.

Iris (Candice Patton) is freaked out and furious by what’s going on because she’s been trying to make things better for Barry since Joe’s death, but he’s still in shock. He goes utterly insane and claims that Joe is not, and cannot be, dead. This is when Despero appears and tells Barry that he is the mastermind behind everything. He thinks it’s one of Despero’s delusions, and he’s toying with him so he might succumb to lunacy.

Despero claims he’s had enough of it all and that the lunacy has finally taken hold of him due to his mental incapacity. The alien decides it is time to put an end to The Flash and beams him down. Brinkwire News in a Nutshell


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