Is it worth it to hire an online personal trainer for fitness? How to Maintain Your Fitness at Home


Is it worth it to hire an online personal trainer for fitness? How to Maintain Your Fitness at Home

For the past few months, gyms around the UK have been shuttered, forcing Britons to find other methods to stay healthy. Online personal training sessions have risen in popularity as a result of this, but are they worthwhile? Personal training sessions are reviewed on this page.

Many Britons had to adjust their weight reduction or fitness plans when the coronavirus lockdown was implemented last year. Traditional gym sessions, meetings with personal trainers, and group classes were abandoned, and many people resorted to the internet to stay in shape.

SIX3NINE, a London-based gym, was one of the first to provide online personal training sessions.

I was weary just minutes into my first session with SIX3NINE senior personal trainer Ed Loveday.

The fact that we weren’t in the same room as the PT didn’t stop us from having a challenging session.

We resolved to train for an hour each week, virtually two days a week, on Mondays and Thursdays.

Ed wrote up a plan for me to follow for the next four weeks after we discussed my objective of general fitness.

Ed emphasized that when determining the ideal approach for a customer, he will always consider the individual’s needs and goals.

“We take a client-centered approach to training and do our best to build a workout program that is pleasurable, beneficial for the client’s goals, and simple to follow,” he stated. We accomplish this by reviewing the client’s training background as well as his or her likes and dislikes, as well as using the first few sessions to assess the client’s capabilities.

“We then construct a program based on this information that allows for development while being flexible enough to be changed to the client’s ongoing needs as needed.”

I had a few light dumbells and some resistance bands on hand, but having them wasn’t necessary.

Working with a PT at home allows you to customize your workouts to fit your needs, whether you have little equipment or a full home gym.

“One of the hardest components of lockdown training has been educating individuals with little equipment,” Ed noted. Equipment provides a variety of possibilities for training and can make it more exciting and varied.

“That said, our staff at SIX3NINE has a lot of experience and has built up a large library of.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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