Is it safe to obtain your Covid booster and flu vaccine at the same time? – crucial information.


Is it safe to obtain your Covid booster and flu vaccine at the same time? – crucial information.

Covid vaccinations and flu jabs are being supplied across the UK now that the booster rollout has begun and flu season is approaching. Those above a specific age and with underlying health conditions may be provided both immunizations at the same time. Is it, however, safe to have both at the same time? During the winter, flu is extremely prevalent. Flu infections are on the rise from December to March, so the NHS and pharmacies are offering annual flu vaccines. Those who are qualified for a Covid booster are also invited to come in for a top-up or can go to walk-in centers. A pharmacist and a recent study agree that getting both of these vaccinations at the same time is safe.

“It is safe to deliver both shots concurrently; they will normally be given in different arms,” Pharmacy2U pharmacist Phil Day explained.

“Clinical investigations have demonstrated that when both vaccines are administered at the same time, there is no diminution in immune response.”

A new study also demonstrates that getting the flu shot with the COVID-19 vaccination at the same time is possible.

When looking at three flu vaccines and Pfizer or AstraZeneca, this study led by the University of Bristol discovered that adverse effects were either low or significant.

Even while some patients had higher side effects after receiving some flu vaccines and Covid shots, the negative effects were generally mild to moderate.

A soreness in the injection site, transient lethargy, headache, and muscle pain were the most commonly reported.

The shots were given on the same day, but in opposing arms, in the clinical experiment.

Participants were separated into two age groups: under 65 and over 65.

During the initial visit, one group received a Covid vaccine and a flu shot, while the second group received a placebo.

Another group was given a Covid and placebo injection on the same day, followed by a flu shot on the second visit.

The Flu jab was given to the over 65s by Seqirus in the United Kingdom.

Sanofi Flublok or Seqirus Flucelvax were given to the younger group.

Following the vaccinations, 97 percent of the participants said they would have the two vaccines in one visit again in the future.

In total, 679 people took part in the survey, which took place at 12 different locations across England and Wales.

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