Is it better to use butter or margarine? Dr. Michael Mosley delivers a startling verdict.


Is it better to use butter or margarine? Dr. Michael Mosley delivers a startling verdict.

DR. MICHAEL MOSLEY is dedicated to improving the nation’s health. For more than 25 years, the qualified doctor has been in the public limelight, staying ahead of health trends with some perceptive insights.

If you’ve ever wondered if butter or margarine is the healthier choice, Dr. Mosley has answered your question. Scientific data now contradicts what was once thought to be a “healthier version” of butter. Dr. Mosley noted, “Margarine is processed and manufactured from vegetable oil.” “When vegetable oil is liquid at room temperature, a process known as hydrogenation occurs, resulting in the formation of trans-fat.”

Dr. Mosley advised that trans fats be avoided wherever feasible.

“A slew of scientific evidence links increasing trans fat intake to inflammation, heart disease, stroke, and low cholesterol.”

While margarine has fewer saturated fats than butter, Dr. Mosley emphasized that “saturated fat is not always a bad thing.”

Margarine was once thought to be connected to high cholesterol and heart disease, but current study contradicts this.

“Scientists from Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard have discovered that this viewpoint was exaggerated,” Dr. Mosley added.

“New research have discovered no direct link between saturated fats and heart health,” he noted.

Churning cream is used to make butter, which is a natural whole food. Dr. Mosley clarified, “We’re not suggesting you to slather butter on every meal.”

“However, in comparison to processed margarine and spreads, a modest quantity every now and then will cause significantly less harm.”

Dr. Mosley debunked a few more healthy food misconceptions, revealing that you might not be eating the healthiest foods after all.

If you’ve ever preferred vegetable crisps to a conventional package of salt and vinegar, you might be doing yourself a disservice.

Dr. Mosley pointed out that while the ingredients list contains actual vegetables, the tiny slices of vegetables are “far too small to provide any real nutritional value.”

Vegetable crips are also cooked in sunflower oil to give them a crunchy texture.

“Vegetable crisps, in actuality, are no healthier than a typical packet of potato chips,” Dr. Mosley clarified.

Dr. Mosley recommends the following foods to satisfy your crunch craving:

Don’t assume that what you eat as a vegan is always the healthiest option.

“Just because it says ‘vegan,’ [it]”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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