Increase your libido by drinking this earthy juice, according to an expert.


Increase your libido by drinking this earthy juice, according to an expert.

ARE YOU DISAPPOINTED WITH YOURSELF RECENTLY? Do you want to put yourself (or your lover) in a good mood quickly? Christina Jax, a food scientist, argues that an earthy juice may be beneficial.

“Because it contains significant levels of the mineral boron, this root vegetable may help to raise your libido,” Jax explained, adding that boron “boosts the production of sexual hormones.” What exactly is this earthy, root vegetable drink that Jax keeps mentioning? Beetroot is the answer. “Drinking beetroot juice helps the body metabolize and utilise oestrogen for women while also increasing testosterone levels in men,” Jax stated.

“Beetroot also aids the body’s nitric oxide production in blood arteries.

“This relaxes them, enhances blood flow, and decreases blood pressure for better orgasms.”

Jax did say that “feeling physically and emotionally well is linked to a good sex urge,” which is understandable.

A healthy diet, on the other hand, can give your sex life a “major boost” by reducing inflammation and improving circulation.

Other libido-boosting foods to try, according to Jax, include:

To get more specific, Jax claims that grabbing a handful of pine nuts or walnuts can help with sexual function.

Jax explained, “These plant-based powerhouses are a wonderful source of zinc.”

Walnuts are also high in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation.

When it comes to fruits, Jax believes that pomegranates are the greatest.

“This wonderful fruit contains a potent antioxidant combination that boosts testosterone levels and improves blood flow, boosting libido,” she explained.

When it comes to spices, Jax says that “adding warming spices to dishes can boost receptivity, develop connection, and heighten romance.”

“Nutmeg and cinnamon are utilized as an aphrodisiac in many cultures,” Jax continued.

“Just smelling these spices improves mood, calms nerves, and increases sex drive.”

Fish, grass-fed meat, and seeds are all good sources of lean protein, according to Jax.

She joked, “Protein can provide longer-term stamina for late-night rendezvous.”

Jax further clarified that some foods and drinks should be avoided if you don’t want to feel sluggish. These are some of them:

These are supposed to cause inflammation in the body by “reducing blood flow to the places you want it to be.”

Although high-fibre foods are healthful, they may not be the best choice if you desire a night of passion because they might cause excess gas and bloating.

“Brinkwire Summary News” by Christina Jax, a food scientist at Lifesum.


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