In the new Covid 19 exposure, warning pubs might lose the 2-meter exemption


The national clinical director of Scotland has cautioned that pubs and restaurants excluded from the two-meter law will have to be stopped to combat the spread of the current strain of the virus that is more easily transmitted.

Professor Jason Leitch emphasized that such a move is currently not being contemplated, but he warned that other steps will need to be considered to prevent the new Covid 19 strain from spreading uncontrollably.

“would be in March rather than November,”would be in March rather than November.

The latest strain is said to be up to 70 percent more transmissible than the original form of the disease, which has already been identified in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Lanarkshire areas.

As levels are ineffective, Sturgeon’s advisor warns against ‘strict’ rules

Constitution Minister Mike Russell, speaking to the Covid 19 committee at Holyrood, emphasized that “no one is saying we should abandon the tiered approach” to suppressing the virus, implying that different areas of the country could still be subject to different laws.

The new variant “showed exponential growth while the national lockdown measures were in place in England in November,” Professor Leitch told MSPs, indicating that “the lockdown was not sufficient to bring down the R count.”

“It’s here, it’s particularly here in Lanarkshire and Greater Glasgow and Clyde – that’s why we acted as quickly as we, “It’s it’s here in Lanarkshire and Greater Glasgow and Clyde in particular – that’s why we acted as soon as we could.

The whole Scottish mainland will be put in Stage 4 lockdown for at least three weeks on Boxing Day, as things stand.

In order to avoid the spread of the new strain, Professor Leitch was asked about other steps that could be placed in place as the Scottish Government is considering improving the Stage 4 restrictions.

“He said, “The current situation on Dec. 23 is that the right stuff are the current non-pharmaceutical treatments – a cough is still a cough, a sneeze is still a sneeze – the new strain doesn’t make it go any further, so it’s about keeping away from that surface or cough or sneeze.

“To avoid getting the virus, you have to take the same measures you have been taking, so reduce your interactions, stay home as much as possible, and when you go out, follow these FACTS.”

He added, “For instance, if we think, and I’m not suggesting we might, Sage might say that the locations that got an exemption from the two-meter rule should reconsider that now-that might be one of the things Sage would eventually say, so the one meter plus or one meter we have in Scotland.”

It could be because one meter is two to ten times more likely to transmit the old virus, so this new version could be an issue.

“That’s not the position we’re in right now. Sage will continue to look at the data as it comes out, and we’ll adjust public behaviors over time if we need to.”

“we just don’t know” if the latest strain is transmissible in children, Professor Leitch warned, although there is suspicion that it is – increasing concerns about the need to stop young people from mixing in schools.

“I would expect it to be more transmissible in older children.”I would expect it in older children to be more transmissible.


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