In the midst of the PCR results enigma, calls for a new isolation rule if you receive positive lateral flow.


In the midst of the PCR results enigma, calls for a new isolation rule if you receive positive lateral flow.

IN THE MIDST OF A MYSTERY TESTING INQUIRY, EXPERTS have recommended for a new self-isolation regulation and stronger restrictions in schools.

People have tested positive for Covid on home lateral flow tests but negative on PCR tests that are considered the “gold standard.”

Although the problem is concentrated in the South West of England, anecdotal reports have poured in from all around the country.

The UK Health and Security Agency (UKHSA) is still examining the problem, which is causing widespread confusion.

However, for the time being, the official guidance remains unchanged: if a PCR test comes back negative, you are assumed Covid-free and can exit self-isolation.

It has sparked fears that people who are infected with the coronavirus are spreading it in schools, offices, and other public places.

Despite government warnings to the contrary, people have been advised to self-isolate even if their PCR test is negative.

Dr. Kit Yates, a senior lecturer at the University of Bath’s Department of Mathematical Sciences, was the first to notice the problem, which began in September.

“Absolutely, I believe there is a risk to both public health and our schoolchildren,” he told The Sun when asked if it posed a threat to public health.

“We should be protecting our children, but it feels like we’re abandoning them instead.”

“Our students’ one line of defense is to ensure that affected students isolate themselves and do not actively carry Covid into the classroom.”

“Clearly, if students arrive at school contaminated, everyone in that context is at danger of contracting Covid.” People who go to work thinking they don’t have Covid are in the same boat.

“They’re potentially putting their coworkers at risk and allowing Covid to spread farther.

“We should encourage everyone who can work from home to do so, and we should surely reintroduce mitigations in schools, such as mask wearing, to help stop the spread,” says the author.

Dr. Yates continued, ” “Although this is not official government counsel, Public Health England did give informal advice that people should isolate if they can after a positive lateral flow test.

“I believe that this is what people should be doing whenever feasible.”

However, he acknowledged that without a positive PCR, it may be difficult for people to receive financial assistance during self-isolation or sick leave.

Prof Christina Pagel, a mathematician and professor of operational research at University College London, said that if their home kit produces a favorable outcome, people should “absolutely” isolate themselves.

“Especially with the current high case rates,” she told The Sun.

“And, regardless of the PCR test, if you have symptoms AND test positive on LFD [lateral flow], you should assume you have Covid.”

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