In June, Joe Wicks will release a new cookbook with healthful meals for the whole family.


In June, Joe Wicks will release a new cookbook with healthful meals for the whole family.

DO YOU WANT TO KNOW WHICH RECIPE WILL HELP YOU STAY IN SHAPE DURING THE SUMMER? Joe Wicks, a British fitness coach and YouTuber, has released his latest book, “Joe’s Family Food: 100 Delicious, Easy Recipes to Enjoy Together.”

On June 10th, the new title will be launched. The book features 100 nutritious and simple recipes for the whole family to enjoy, with the goal of bringing people together through cooking and eating.

Wicks wants to provide unique, easy, and delicious meals for any occasion, from quick suppers to large gatherings.

The book is jam-packed with ideas for eating healthy.

What could be better than a tasty but simple dish that also helps you stay in shape?

That is precisely Joe’s intention.

He hopes that by sharing his experience and best recipes in this book, he might inspire you and your family to eat a balanced diet, just as he does.

Wicks has already written popular books such as ‘30 Day Kick Start Plan: 100 Delicious Recipes with Energy Boosting Workouts.’

Another popular title a few years ago was ‘Joe’s 30 Minute Meals: 100 Quick and Healthy Recipes.’

‘Lean in 15 – The Shift Plan: 15 Minute Meals and Workouts to Keep You Lean and Healthy’ is a best-selling book. 1.37 million copies were sold.

His Instagram account, The Body Coach, has 4.1 million followers, while his YouTube channel, The Body Coach TV, has 2.75 million subscribers.

On his social media profiles, the fitness guru declares that he is “on a mission to make the world fitter, healthier, and happier.”

Wicks’ cheerful training videos and livestreamed PE lessons helped the country stay fit during the lockdown.

“PE With Joe” received 7.5 million views and was the most popular video in the United Kingdom during the coronavirus outbreak.

Joe gave £580,000 to the NHS during his final PE session.

“We’ve finished 115 workouts and PE with Joe has had over 100 million views,” he stated last month, one year after his inaugural ‘PE with Joe’ livestream session.

“At its climax, over 955,000 people were exercising at the same time, breaking the world record for the largest ever live televised workout.”

“We’ve gotten fitter, stronger, and healthier, and we’ve raised over £610,000 for Children in Need and the NHS.”

“I appreciate you showing up every morning.”

He recently commented on the weight loss journey of in the article “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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