‘I’m not violent’: police complaints lodged after the arrest of Scots anti-child violence community founder Covid’s “human stretcher”


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Police have filed charges after a meeting of an anti-child trafficking organization in George Square, Glasgow, after a man arrested for violations of Covid 19 and resisting arrest was brought like a human stretcher to a police van.

After the party of up to 25 people dispersed on Monday, the 40-year-old was arrested and charged in connection with an alleged violation of Covid laws, resisting arrest and breach of peace.

Members of the collective Save Our Girls, who had gathered to raise awareness and support for sexually abused women, are furious at the police raid that took place on Queen Street as they made their way to the train and bus stations.

The pictures and video clips of the incident show the police leaning against the man lying on the ground to handcuff him before leading him to a police van by his arms and legs.

The guy, who is due to appear in court in February, said that he was preparing to take action against the officers involved.

All photos courtesy of Photography by Billy Knox

In the presence of five police officers, the guy claims he was strip-searched, adding that it was a “f***king humiliation through and through.”

He thanked all who helped him on Facebook, writing, “I’m not violent at all. People who know me know that. I was ‘processed’ and then put in a cell for hours. It’s like psychological warfare. Staring at a white wall for six hours is no fun…”

Police Scotland reported that two other men, 29 and 41 years of age, and a 55-year-old woman were given penalty notices for violating the restrictions of Covid 19.

The Crown Prosecution Service identified a fourth man, aged 31, for allegedly violating Covid 19 restrictions and drug abuse.

It followed what Police Scotland said in the city center was a “demonstration”

Chief Inspector Craig Walker said, “The Chief Constable made it clear that we are still asking individuals to take personal responsibility for doing the right thing.”

Please follow the rules and guidelines and note that the aim of these steps is to encourage joint efforts by preventing the spread of the virus to remain healthy, protect others and save lives.

Our officials will continue to contact the public, clarify the laws and regulations, and promote compliance. Only when there is a clear breach of the law will we use enforcement as a last resort.’

Complaints about the man’s treatment, however, were lodged, saying it was not a last resort and that the 40-year-old was “abused and assaulted.”

The police informed the crowd that they had to leave for five minutes.

One of the charges lodged by a community member claims that they were “peacefully supporting anti-corruption in Scotland and protesting against child sex trafficking.”

The complaint from Jillian Brown says, “I am addressing you today to express my utter disgust at the way in which officers from the Glasgow Police Division abused and assaulted [the man].”

“He attended a peaceful rally in support of Anti-Corruption Scotland, which advocates against human trafficking in girls….

“As a public servant, it is a police officer’s duty to serve the public, not to prevent the public from opposing corruption.”

Another witness, Mandy Mcgurk, who videotaped the incident, said she told police that the meeting in George Square was planned to help survivors of historic child violence and track their mental health during the pandemic. She said, “We usually meet there to raise awareness and create a safe space for survivors,”

We just got there and we were asked to leave. The police said no one is permitted to assemble outside under the law, and told us we had five minutes to disperse. We scattered.

“While we were going to the station to take people home, because there were disabled people there, all this happened. They said we were taking too long to leave.”

She said the 40-year-old who was arrested “only helps raise awareness of the situation”


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