Iceland is giving a £5 dinner deal that includes pizza, beer, and drinks, as well as an alcohol sale.


Iceland is giving a £5 dinner deal that includes pizza, beer, and drinks, as well as an alcohol sale.

ICELAND is commemorating the approaching Euros with a dinner-worthy meal bargain. Take advantage of the offer, which includes tasty beer and refreshments, and gather some friends to watch the game.

The UEFA Euros 2021 begin on Friday, June 11, 2021, and Iceland is giving a special meal deal that is perfect for a match dinner.

Iceland has offered a special lunch bargain in-stores and online to commemorate the upcoming UEFA Euros 2021.

Customers may enjoy two stuffed crust pizzas and a choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages for £5 starting on June 21.

This is fantastic to share with friends or family while watching the game.

Customers will save £3.50 on this bargain and will be able to acquire wonderful food and drinks to share.

Customers can choose between the Chicago Town Stuffed Crust Cheese Deluxe Pizza and the Chicago Town Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza from June 21 to July 6, 2021.

After that, customers can choose between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to round up their dinner.

Budweiser beer, Pepsi Max, and other beverages are available.

Here’s where you can get your pizzas.

Want to stock up on drinks to share with friends at a get-together?

Iceland is currently providing customers discounted prices on a selection of beers in packages ranging from ten to eighteen packs.

Discover discounts on popular brands, whether it’s a pale ale, lager, or IPA.

Here you can buy beer.

Here are a few of our favorite items from the booze sale:

12 × 330ml Bottles of Heineken Lager Beer

It used to be £11, but now it’s only £10. Iceland sells them.

12 x 330ml San Miguel Premium Lager Beer

Iceland now has it for £10.

10 x 440ml Guinness Draught Stout Beer

Iceland now has it for £10.

18 x 440ml Foster’s Lager Beer Cans

Iceland has it for £13.50 right now.

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