‘I yelp like a leopard’: Lockdown fitness tips from Guardian readers


It’s difficult to accept the inspired WildStaying call when doing an online course. I find that when I do an exercise named after an animal, making the sound of the animal is much more enjoyable. For instance: growl for bear crawl, yelp for leopard leap, frog hop hop ribbit, bunny hop nibble, dragon crawl roar.

I also introduced a “woo hoo” in Mario-style for chest-to-floor burpees.

If you don’t mind making a fool of yourself, it will be hard to do this at the gym, but at home, with the microphone silenced, no one cares.

Iszi Lawrence, ReadingGet it in the diaryI’ve set up a Skype video call with my best friend in Scotland since April, and every Tuesday morning before work, we do a 30-minute workout.

I bring the exercise together and give it to her ahead of time: either bodyweight or kettlebell movements often.

Every week, I look forward to it and it helps us both stay motivated. I tried to make it a routine to exercise in some way every day, but it was difficult to find motivation. Nicole Wright, London

It was easier to find an excuse if I worked out one day, not the next.

Every day, I started putting a star on the calendar and I did some sort of deliberate exercise, even though it was just a walk.

Increasingly, when I missed a day and there was a void in the line of stars, I got irritated.

It’s a continuous visual reminder of what I’ve done, and it feels amazing.

I followed Dame Kelly Holmes on Instagram for high-intensity interval training sessions online after a gold medalist. Mell, Newcastle upon Tyne

She was the best thing about Lockdown, a total, selfless celebrity who gives her time during the week for online sessions. Every month, her other Instagram account, MilitaryInmotion, presents numerous challenges to keep people motivated.

I can’t imagine going to a gym ever again.

Sue, using the Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure, BasingstokePlay FitI. You don’t even know that you’re working out because beating the monsters is part of a game – at least not until the next day when you’ve completed so many levels. Helen, North YorkshireJump for joy… As they are called, I wanted to invest in a mini trampoline or rebounder.

It cost me about 70 pounds, but rates differ.

In the backyard, I set mine up, but you can use it indoors as well. It’s great fun just listening to music or a podcast for 15 to 20 minutes a day and it gets my blood flowing.

It’s more like dancing or aerobics, but far more peppy, it’s not a grind like running. You can follow rebounder workouts on YouTube that make for a strenuous workout.

Louise Annable, Lecture… The garden is my gym, or Digging for Victory. There’s always something to do: compost turning, weeding, tilling, digging, planting, harvesting, fencing and shed painting.

For 20 to 60 minutes, the first thing I do is go outside.

Bonus: In July, August and September, I am self-sufficient in fruits and vegetables.

I bought a walking desk – a standing desk with a treadmill attached – and it changed my life. I bought a walking desk.

I felt like I had enough stamina for another day of work at the end of my first day of using it.

I don’t run all day, but when I’m reading or monitoring stuff, I try to get into a few good sessions.

I’m so much more productive, and it feels more imaginative in my head.

London, Stephanie Jarvis,


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