‘I was in excruciating pain.’ Duncan James addresses a spinal ailment that could result in paralysis or death.


‘I was in excruciating pain.’ Duncan James addresses a spinal ailment that could result in paralysis or death.

DUNCAN JAMES’ health: The actor discusses his disease, which affects the nerves in the lower back and can cause paralysis, incontinence, and erectile dysfunction if left untreated.

Duncan James discusses his continued concerns about a rare spine ailment that doctors warned could lead to incontinence and erectile dysfunction. What is the ailment, and what are the early signs and symptoms to look for?

Duncan James is no stranger to performing under pressure.

As a member of the successful boy band Blue, the star has captivated UK audiences with appearances on Hollyoaks and on stage in the West End.

When he appears in the Celebrity Masterchef kitchen this week, the artist will debut a new skill.

All the more astonishing given the star’s traumatic health situation in 2016, when crucial fluid from his brain and spine began leaking out of a surgery wound and he was transported to hospital by ambulance.

Duncan had acquired cauda equina syndrome, a rare and dangerous illness.

Cauda equina syndrome is a kind of severe spinal stenosis in which all of the nerves in the lower back get severely compressed at the same time.

Those who have the illness are at a greater risk of being paralyzed, needing a wheelchair, or perhaps dying.

Duncan’s performance in Priscilla Queen of the Desert in heels only aggravated his ailment and made it “ten times worse.”

The actor suffered a slipped disc, which began crushing nerves at the base of his spine, resulting in serious cauda equina syndrome.

Back pain, numbness in the nether areas, loss of bladder and bowel control, sexual dysfunction, and limb paralysis are all symptoms of this illness.

Duncan has had a weak back since he was a child, and it has gotten worse as he has gotten older.

Duncan claimed to the Mirror, “I was moving about on stage a lot more.”

“I was having back discomfort to the point that I went to a doctor and they told me I had a protrusion in my disc.

“In my spine, I received an epidural to numb the entire area. That procedure lasted almost ten years, and I was able to go about my life without having to worry about or feel pain.”

One of the first indicators of cauda is low back pain. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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