‘I guess it’s not so spicy,’ said one consumer of McDonald’s McSpicy sandwich.


‘I guess it’s not so spicy,’ said one consumer of McDonald’s McSpicy sandwich.

MCDONALD’S has released their “spiciest ever” burger in the UK today, sparking internet discussion. A lot of fans are skeptical about the burger’s ability to deliver, while others have taken advantage of the opportunity to request additional menu items.

The McSpicy Burger will set you back £5.49. To beat the heat, McDonald’s is including a free bottle of Happy Meal Milk with the meal.

The burger comprises a crispy-coated chicken fillet grilled in a spicy marinade.

The remaining filling consists of lettuce and mayonnaise, which is packed between sesame seed buns.

Responding to the announcement on Twitter, several people are skeptical that McDonald’s will bring the heat.

One McDonald’s fan remarked, “I’m going to try it, but my prediction is it’ll be the same as the weak spicy chicken nuggets.”

One said, “I just got it, and I must tell, it’s tragic.”

“I tried 2x of these in Singapore approximately 6 years ago, hottest thing I’ve ever eaten,” another added.

“I’ll be curious to hear how these compare,” one admirer said. Because I don’t think they’ll make them too hot in the UK.”

One person wrote, “You can nearly promise it won’t be particularly hot.”

“I bet it’s not that spicy,” commented another.

One remarked, “If it’s anything like the spicy chicken nuggets, it’s false advertising.”

Other McDonald’s enthusiasts took advantage of the chance to demand their favorite menu items.

One remarked, “I don’t care, I want breakfast wrappers.”

“Let’s argue why you haven’t brought back the morning wrap!” remarked another. Bring back the Mcbreakfastwrap, it’s the one thing you’ve done well in a long time.”

“Where the f**k have wraps and selections gone?” said another enraged Twitter user.

Vegetarians had their say as well, requesting more veggie options.

“Are you going to add more vegetarian options to your menu?” I’m not a fan of the vegetarian dippers. Can make a lot of meat items but not think about people who don’t eat meat? One user added, “It’s the twenty-first century, fgs.” (sic)

“It sounds revolting,” said another. “How about a decent veggie choice in addition to what you have now?”

One person wrote, “Please do more for us veggies.”

Another requested a certain meal item.

“Do you think you could create a quadruple cheeseburger?” They exclaimed, “The triple cheeseburger isn’t enough.”

McDonald’s recently experienced a Chicken Selects scarcity, prompting widespread worry.

Customers resorted to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the disappearance of McDonald’s Chicken Selects goods.

“We are working really hard to.”Brinkwire Summary News,” a McDonald’s spokeswoman stated at the time.


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