‘I get insight, a period that’s going to feel lighter’: psychics share their 2021 projections.


For crystal ball gazers, this era of confusion has been a boon. Fortune tellers have boomed from New York to New Delhi; in the US, Forbes magazine registered a 136 percent rise in the number of people seeking spiritual divination.

The idea of looking elsewhere for guidance – to the stars or to the afterlife, if you believe in an afterlife – has made a sort of sense in communities where religious confidence is diminishing and trust in the establishment is threatened. 2021 will be an opportunity to reevaluate what is relevant.

Millennials and Gen Z-ers can increasingly livestream YouTube media, receive regular tarot readings from their Instagram feeds, or consume online horoscopes. This offers an opportunity to restore. Astrology’s logic speaks to the common need for answers, while tarot magic is now available for online purchase in card decks with themes such as “Hip-Hop,” “Modern Love” and “Bad Bitches.”

In the U.S., in 2018, the entire industry of psychic services, including astrology, mediumship, palm reading, aura reading, and tarot, was estimated at $2.2 billion (a 52 percent increase from 2005).

The anxiety and upheaval spread by the pandemic has created an additional need for reassurance in 2020, whether it is families unable to attend a loved one’s funeral or people who have lost their jobs or corporations searching for a way forward. Not all psychics had a successful year. Some celebrities consult spiritual healers as well as therapists or nutritionists.

Some could not switch from in-person readings to video calls, and many relied on revenue from visitors, parties or activities, both of which were in short supply.

And they couldn’t predict any of the 2020 implications, either. Almost behind us is a year we’d rather forget, but dare they forecast the next? In 2013, in the Worldwide Battle Of The Psychics, a European X-Factor-style television program, June Field was voted the best psychic medium in the world, beating 70,000 others.

Since birth, she has been clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (sees, hears and feels spirits), making predictions based on psychic intuition. She lives in Dundee.

She generally tours theaters and festivals, but Covid patients who needed the support of a healer for their rehabilitation approached her this year. The next 12 months are a turning stone to something greater. We have made a great deal of change, and 2021 is a time of re-education and adaptation to a new reality.

It’s a year of recovery and rehabilitation. People are in denial of the infection, creating conflict. People will continue to be scared, and it will take until 2022 to return to normalcy. March feels like a turning point at the end of the tunnel, a light.

Esteem will expand.

September feels like another turning point, the economy’s new beginning, and things are going to pick up a bit. In terms of finance, 2022 looks lighter and brighter than 2021.

I had postponed work obligations – theater dates and activities – well before the coronavirus reached the UK.

I was sensing death coming.

I decided to miss the year.2021 presents an opportunity to reassess what’s important.

Often, when they’ve lost someone or something, maybe a career, people are forced to do so, but it gives an opportunity to recover. I feel like there are major changes coming next year in politics. We’re going to see more division, like the standoff between Manchester and Westminster over the second lockdown, and geographically, ideologically and financially, there’s going to be more polarity. You don’t have to be psychic to see the frustration at how this has been treated. Democratic systems are going to be taken down, but then we’ll restore them. We are approaching a point where almost everyone is going to know or be related to someone who’s going to die from it. Next year, we will support each other again, and we will get through this.’ I get clarification in the last quarter: clear quartz, light pastel stones.’ Jayne Wallace is a psychic who reads aura, tarot and crystal healing in the last quarter. Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner and Kate Hudson are among her clients.

She has worked for 35 years as a psychic and runs the Psychic Sisters agency; she has a waiting list and travels with customers globally. This year, she says, in her readings, people have shown more feelings and fears.


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