‘I believed I couldn’t do this anymore,’ Brian Conley says of overcoming a concealed health problem.


BRIAN CONLEY became a household name after he appeared in multiple award-winning television sitcoms and then took to the ballroom when appearing on Strictly Come Dancing. But the comedy legend who is typically seen with a smile on his face has a hidden vulnerability. The star has also struggled with depression .

The pantomime veteran had a short stint on ITV reality show I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here but had to leave for hospital treatment as he was exhausted and malnourished. A short time after his treatment he revealed the true extent of his health problems which put a stopper in him being crowned “King of the Jungle”.

After the death of his beloved dad in 1998 Brian fell into a depression. In order to cope with this he started to take antidepressants which he was then on for the next 15 years.

Emerging from I’m A Celeb he revealed that his exit from the show was actually a result of stopping taking those antidepressants.

In order to help cope with his depression Brian also turned to drink to help him grieve for his late father.

Although he denies that he was ever an alcoholic the presenter admits: “It was like, ‘you’re a champagne bottle, you’ve been trying to push it down and have to let out those emotions and learn to cry. I hadn’t’, I was never an alky, but it was always there.

“It was in the corner, ‘let’s have a social drink tonight’, and I thought I can’t do this anymore.

“If you have anxiety, people always want to drink to relieve that flame, but that’s like putting fire out with petrol because when you wake up in the morning you will have much more anxiety than ever before.”

Being on antidepressants for so long but still struggling without them meant that the star still had mental health demons to deal with.

It was at this point that Brian went to therapy to seek help from a counsellor. Since then he has not touched a drop of alcohol for over 13 years.

He also credits techniques like mindfulness and breathing exercises instead of medication to help him tackle his depression and anxiety.

Brain continued to say: “To help me sleep and things like that, I do go through certain things I have learnt with. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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