How to make ice lollies without a mold


How to make ice lollies without a mold

As the warmth persists, ice lollies will play an increasingly important role in Brits’ daily lives, both as a snack and a way to cool down. This website includes a mold-free recipe that users can use to make their own at home.

The UK has been bathed in scorching summer sun, with temperatures already approaching all-time highs. According to the current estimates, the temperature will reach 29°C by the end of the day, with 29°C in London alone. People who are looking for methods to combat the heat may turn to their refrigerators or freezers for relief, and the finest way to do it is with homemade ice lollies.

The majority of people will spend as much time as they can outside during the heat wave, frequenting cages or ice cream carts offering a variety of cold refreshments.

For those who prefer to stay at home, a handmade ice lolly is an alternative, and the quickest way to prepare one is with a plastic mould.

Mould-free households can still participate with a few tools they may already have on hand.

You’ll need the following items:

While ice lollies can be made with simply water and juice, this Taste of Home recipe adds some flair.

They suggest first boiling and then simmering the water and sugar in a big saucepan.

Then, with a few quick stirs for three to four minutes, people must guarantee that the sugar has dissolved.

Remove the mixture from the heat once the sugar has dissolved and add the juices of your choice.

The liquids stated above should give the lollipop a tang, although consumers can use any mix they like.

They can then proceed to fill their chosen containers with the mixture, ensuring that the top is covered with a puncturable material.

The lolly sticks should be able to glide into the mixture and form a future handle.

The cooking procedure is now completed, and the product is ready to be frozen.

It will take around two to three hours to freeze the lollipops, but they can be kept in the freezer overnight for usage in the morning or afternoon.

They keep for about a month in the fridge, so folks can stock up if they want to.

Paper-based holders will come off easily, while plastic molds and containers may need to be coaxed out with a warm tap.


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