How to Live Longer: Right now, there is one ‘significant’ strategy to increase your longevity.


How to Live Longer: Right now, there is one ‘significant’ strategy to increase your longevity.

If you live with purpose, you will have a LONGER life ahead of you. This may include doing a variety of things that are important to you, according to experts at the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

Using data from 6,985 persons aged 50 and over, researchers discovered that those who scored highest on a scale measuring life purpose were less likely to die throughout the course of the four-year study. “A greater feeling of purpose in life is linked to a lower chance of dying young,” stated Dr. Eric Kim. Numerous investigations have validated this hypothesis, but this is the first study to add a new dimension to the findings.

This study, which was described as “an interesting advancement of knowledge,” found that a sense of purpose is linked to certain causes of mortality.

Leading a meaningless existence, in particular, was linked to death from heart, blood, and circulatory disorders.

According to Harvard Medical School, having a life purpose “indicates that you have a purpose in life and goals.”

Many participants listed the following items when asked what gives them a feeling of purpose in life by researchers:

Dr. Kim shared his perspective on what it means to live a purposeful life.

“I describe it as the degree to which people see their lives to be driven and motivated by important life goals,” he explained.

While living a purposeful life may protect against cardiovascular disease, blood disorders, and digestive problems, it does not protect people from other health problems.

To be more specific, the findings had no bearing on life purpose or cancer or respiratory disease death rates.

The observational study has limits, according to Dr. Kim, because it “can’t pin-point causality.”

Dr. Kim co-authored a study that was published in the JAMA Network Open publication.

Dr. Kim discovered reasons why purpose could be good to your health when researching the literature on the issue of life purpose and longevity.

It makes you more inclined to eat healthier, sleep better, exercise more, and use preventative health services, for example.

Attending smear tests, breast cancer screenings, and annual blood pressure checks are all examples of preventative health care.

Another way that living with purpose may help you live longer is by lowering your stress levels.

“Some data from lab experiments suggests that persons with a higher.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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