How to live longer: A simple technique that boosts longevity by improving cognitive and brain health.


How to live longer: A simple technique that boosts longevity by improving cognitive and brain health.

Learning to quiet the mind, manage your thoughts, and live a calmer lifestyle are all ways to live longer. In reality, research show that these basic, age-old routines improve heart health, lower blood pressure, and lengthen life expectancy.

Experts and studies agree that taking more deep breaths is key to living a long and healthy life. When most individuals say their lives are stressful, they rarely consider how this can affect their overall health and longevity. Simple breathing exercises and meditation have been demonstrated to reduce stress, enhance heart and cognitive health, lower blood pressure, and extend lifespan.

Deep breathing is a type of meditation that, according to academics, has been practiced for thousands of years.

Meditation has been shown in studies to lower anxiety, improve memory, cure depression symptoms, promote more restful sleep, and even improve heart health.

Experts believe that simple breathing exercises and meditation may be the key to lowering inflammation and oxidative stress markers, as well as improving heart health and longevity.

According to Lodro Rinzler, a Buddhist meditation teacher, “each school has a different goal for the meditation practices it provides, thus each will have associated ways of teaching skills for working with the breath.”

“We urge people to rest with their breath as is in Buddhist meditation since the objective is to become familiar with all of who they are and what is happening right now, rather than what we want would happen,” she continued.

“Many individuals come to meditation to feel less worried or anxious, to sleep better, or to achieve any of the other lauded benefits of the disciplines.

“However, having a decent night’s sleep is only part of the equation. If given enough time and guidance, the practices can transform one’s entire life.”

A study published in Springer Link looked at the effects of meditation training on cognitive ageing and long-term maintenance.

The study began by stating that sustained attention is difficult, demanding, and limited by age-related cognitive deterioration.

“Researchers have looked to see if attentional capacities can be improved through directed mental training, with a number of studies currently showing that meditation practice can help with generalized improvements in this domain,” it continued.

“Performance gains made during rigorous practice periods were only partially retained several years later.

“Importantly, aging-related declines in measures of response inhibition accuracy and reaction.”


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