How to Increase Vitamin Intake for Weight Loss and Staying Healthy


How to Increase Vitamin Intake for Weight Loss and Staying Healthy

EATING A BALANCED DIET OF VARIOUS FOOD TYPES, INCLUDING VARIOUS VITAMINS AND MINERALS, IS IMPORTANT FOR HEALTHY LIVING AND MAY HELP WITH WEIGHT LOSS. Expert nutritionist Rob Hobson gave his recommendations for increasing vitamin intake, which can help you stay healthy and, as a result, lose weight.

It should not be difficult to find vitamin-rich meals during your weekly grocery visit: there are numerous simple and inexpensive foods that will immediately enhance your daily vitamin intake. Vitamins are necessary for good health and can aid weight loss, but some, such as vitamin D, have also been demonstrated to protect people from COVID-19.

Rob spoke to This Website about how you may enhance the vitamin content of your everyday meals by simply changing your shopping list.

“Our bodies need vitamins and minerals, particularly during the winter months, to fight sickness, boost the immune system, and increase mental wellbeing,” stated the specialist nutritionist.

Scientists have lately recommended that more popular foods, such as mushrooms and even bread, be fortified with more vitamins and minerals, according to Rob.

The nutritionist has been collaborating with UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers to conduct more research on this subject.

“British and Irish farmers and producers are enhancing mushrooms with vitamin D, with only eight mushrooms delivering 100% of the daily necessary intake,” he stated.

Because of the coronavirus and the fact that it is winter, the NHS has encouraged individuals to eat extra vitamin D-rich foods or take vitamin D supplements.

“According to the newest NHS advice, people should consider increasing their vitamin D consumption from five to ten micrograms,” Rob said.

If you can’t get vitamin D-enriched mushrooms and can only find conventional mushrooms, Rob recommends placing the mushrooms on your windowsill when the sun is shining.

“Then they become a vitamin D source,” he explained.

Before consuming the mushrooms, the dietitian suggested taking them out of their packaging and placing them on the outer edge of your windowsill for half an hour.

“It doesn’t matter which side up they are, any kind will work. It’s better to do it between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. for up to 60 minutes,” he says.

Mushrooms are a type of mushroom. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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