How to get Iceland’s new Slush Puppie ice cream, which is only available in Iceland.


How to get Iceland’s new Slush Puppie ice cream, which is only available in Iceland.

ICELAND has reintroduced an old favorite with the launch of the new Slush Puppie ice cream. It’s a delicious summertime treat that comes in two flavors.

One of the most delightful summer sweets is ice cream. Iceland has released a new ice cream that is guaranteed to be a hit, just in time for the hot weather.

Iceland has now launched the exclusive Slush Puppie ice cream, bringing back childhood memories.

The new pleasure, which combines the thirst-quenching taste of the original drink with a summery dessert, is now available in-stores and online at Iceland.

Customers can now sample two more delectable flavors that are ideal for the summer months.

Discover the delicious flavors that are ideal for sharing with friends or family.

Strawberry and raspberry are the two flavors of Slush Puppie ice cream.

The flavors are sweet and refreshing, making them ideal for the whole family.

Enjoy a scoop of the icy cold slushie in pint-sized tubs at the park, pool, BBQ, and more.

The ice creams are £3 each for 500ml of ice cream.

This treat is only available in Iceland, so don’t miss out.

Purchase one flavor or two and combine them in the same bowl.

Here’s where you can get strawberry Slush Puppie ice cream.

Here’s where you can get raspberry Slush Puppie ice cream.

Aldi introduced a Slush Puppie machine as part of their Specialbuys collection in May, a childhood favorite.

Iceland is also offering a variety of ice cream bargains to its clients.

They can have any two ice cream flavors for £3.

Here’s where you can get the ice cream bargain.

In-store and online, Iceland is also offering discounts on a variety of ice creams.

Shop for ice creams on sale here, with prices starting at £1.50.

On orders above £25, delivery is free.

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