How to acquire a free Costa Coffee drink from VOXI by Vodafone – here’s how.


How to acquire a free Costa Coffee drink from VOXI by Vodafone – here’s how.

VOXI by Vodafone has teamed up with Costa Coffee to provide clients with a special deal that includes free drinks. Find out how to get a free hot or iced drink for a short time.

There’s nothing that Britons like more than a great morning beverage, whether it’s a hot cup of coffee or tea. Costa Coffee, known for its wide variety of drinks, is offering consumers an exclusive deal where they may get free drinks with VOXI.

Do you want to start your day with a good drink?

Customers can now get free drinks from Costa Coffee when they sign up for VOXI by Vodafone.

Customers can choose a complimentary drink from Costa Coffee’s broad menu, whether it’s an iced latte or a thick Caramel Cortado.

Make sure you take advantage of the promotion, which is valid through August 31, 2021.

The new promotion is part of the VOXI Drop rewards program.

Vodafone’s loyalty program, VOXI Drop, provides consumers with exclusive discounts and freebies from major companies every month.

Customers who shop at Vodafone are automatically enrolled in the loyalty program.

Shop VOXI here for contact-free plans with big data allowances.

Costa Coffee customers will be able to select a small hot or cold coffee drink with a maximum value of £3.65.

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To acquire a code for the free drink, go to the VOXI Drop website.

Customers can use this code to get a free drink at their local Costa Coffee.

The Cortado and Cappuccino are two of Costa Coffee’s most popular drinks.

Non-dairy drinks are also available at the coffee shop.

Here’s where you can find a Costa near you.

Please note that only the first 19,310 claims will be eligible for this code.

VOXI Drop also offers a variety of other incentives.

Every month, VOXI users can enjoy two Vue cinema tickets for for £7.

To be a part of VOXI Drop, shop Vodafone here.

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