How mouthwash can prevent you from severe Covid and lower your death risk.


USING mouthwash and flossing could cut your risk of severe Covid, according to a study.

Experts said they found a “significant” link between someone’s dental health and their risk of getting seriously ill if they catch coronavirus.

The study found those with bad teeth and gums were harder hit by the virus because their mouths are “reservoirs” for the virus.

But flossing and using mouthwash could ward off the worst ravages of the bug, they said.

Dr Ahmed Mustafa Basuoni, from Cairo University in Egypt, said: “Oral tissues could act as a reservoir for coronavirus, developing a high viral load in the mouth.

“We recommend improving oral hygiene measures especially during Covid-19 infection.

“Simple measures like regular dental visits and using mouthwashes could help in preventing or decreasing the severity of Covid-19.”

Dr Basuoni said the virus can thrive in swollen gums and an unhealthy mouth could be a warning sign that the heart and immune system are at risk, too.

The study of 86 Covid patients, revealed at the ACC Middle East medical conference, found the link was especially strong in people with heart disease.

People with bad teeth or gums have more swelling, known as inflammation, in their mouths and often through their blood vessels into their hearts.

In serious cases too much inflammation in the body can make Covid worse and raise the risk of dying.

The study added: “Poor oral health was linked to delayed recovery, especially in patients with cardiac diseases.”


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