Hotspots in Victoria Covid: list of locations and geographical cases in Melbourne


As a new coronavirus outbreak appears in Victoria, here are the latest hotspots and what to do if you have visited them.

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A list of locations visited by a reported case of Covid-19 has been published by the Victorian authorities.

If you have visited these places, here is an explanation and what to do.

On the Victoria Department of Health and Human Services website, you can find more comprehensive information.

List of places for public exposure in Victoria.
If, during the date and time specified, you have visited any of the locations mentioned below, you must be checked immediately and quarantined for 14 days after exposure.

If you have visited any of the locations listed below within the indicated date and period, you must be immediately screened and quarantined until a negative result is obtained.

If you have visited any of the places listed below, watch for symptoms – you must be checked immediately if symptoms arise and quarantined before you have a negative result.

This article will be updated regularly due to the unusual and continuing existence of the coronavirus epidemic to ensure that it represents the current situation at the time of publication.

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