Her Majesty’s favorite chocolate mousse, created with whiskey, is shared by Her Majesty’s former chef.


Her Majesty’s favorite chocolate mousse, created with whiskey, is shared by Her Majesty’s former chef.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II, according to her personal chef in the 1990s, Darren McGrady, enjoys dark chocolate. Her Majesty also enjoyed a drunken chocolate mousse made with whiskey and coffee, according to Darren.

The Queen has two birthdays: her own, which falls in April, and the official British monarch’s birthday, which falls on the second Saturday in June. Her Majesty’s plans for the later on June 12 are unknown, however it is possible that she may consume dark chocolate mousse.

Darren McGrady is a former royal chef who worked at Buckingham Palace for Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Prince William, and Prince Harry.

He worked as a chef for the royal family for fifteen years and continues to do so in the United States.

Darren is also a cookbook author who posts a lot of his recipes to his YouTube channel and Instagram account.

The former royal chef demonstrated how to create one of the Queen’s favorite desserts in September of last year.

The Queen “loves chocolate,” according to Darren, and a chocolate mousse is one of her favorite sweets.

The mousse, however, isn’t just any mousse; it’s made with whisky, namely Drambuie.

Drambuie is a golden-colored Scotch whiskey liqueur created with heather honey, herbs, and spices.

When the royal family were at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Darren used to serve the chocolate mousse to the Queen.

“We never knew whether the Royal Family was going out for dinner, barbecuing in the hills, or having dinner at Balmoral, so we had to prepare dishes that could be served anyplace on the estate,” the former royal cook explained.

“It goes without saying that the Queen adores chocolate, and the darker the better.”

“Here’s the most wonderful chocolate mousse I cooked for the Queen – both at Balmoral and banquets at Buckingham Palace – that you will ever taste,” Darren stated in a YouTube video.

He went on to say that he chose Drambuie as his whiskey because of the flavors it contains.

“I’m using Drambuie because I adore the flavors in there — the wonderful herbs and spices, as well as a hint of honey,” the chef explained.

“All of this comes together to make a fantastic chocolate mousse.”

All of the royal chefs “loved” cooking at Balmoral, according to Darren. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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