Have psychics expected this pandemic? In order to find out who knew what when, I am at a virtual convention


Tarot and astrology readings are witnessing a revival in these turbulent times.

But need they to? If they were so high, the disasters of 2020 would certainly have been expected.

They wouldn’t? In retrospect, some say they thought something was up in the metaphysical realm. I was an astrologer – here’s how it really works, and why I had to quit. Read more June Field, who was elected the leading psychic of the UK, told the Guardian, “I started with a sense of dread in January 2020.”

I had postponed work obligations – theater dates and activities – well before the coronavirus arrived in the UK.

I was sensing death coming.

“I was going to skip the year. “Have other psychics sensed the coming of death? In order to find out who knew what when, and if not, why not…. I wanted to attend a virtual convention. I’m booking a 30-minute reading of Zoom Tarot with a psychic called Liz*. Liz sits in a suburban living room and seems so unmystical.

She has a short gray haircut, a brown jumper, and a cream-colored wall in the background with a bookcase. Liz has become well used to Zoom readings, as a veteran of New Age conferences, and considers them superior to in-person activities. “There are a lot of personal distractions.

At conferences, because of all the seminars, it gets really loud.

I’m comfortable, I’m at home, and you’re relaxed, and you’re at home.

But don’t you have to be around the client physically in order to get a sense of their energy? “I couldn’t see her in the reading I did in front of you because her camera wasn’t working, but you can still connect.” “At the end of the meeting, she gave me less of a tarot reading and more of a really devastating life coaching sessionLiz wants to start the reading with an oracle card, but I want to ask her first if she predicted Covid. ”

I was abroad and I thought to myself when I heard about it, ‘Oh, fast – buy a lot of groceries! ‘I discovered that there were vacant store shelves.

I heard that the shelves were bare in the store, so I packed my car with canned goods and drove to the border. “That doesn’t sound like the actions of a psychic.Did she see any signs after the fact that a pandemic might be coming? “No one asked me about the pandemic, and I didn’t want to look up how long it would last.

I deal only with women, and this [Covid-19] affects millions of individuals. “We’ll move on to my first map.

The map I chose is a small island in the middle of a lake.

It screams ‘solitude. “Does this mean another lockdown is coming and I need to isolate myself? “, I ask. I ask. “It’s not about being lonely – it’s about having time to yourself,” she says. “I don’t want time to myself. “This card might mean you need to clear your head,” Liz says. “We’re bombarded with a lot of information, and we live in a world where millions of people are sick and dying. We need to shield ourselves from that a little bit.

Since people are all linked energetically, even though we’re in another world. “Although it’s tempting to shield yourself from bad news, I tell Liz that I need to be informed to do my job.” “Watch it [the news]if you need to know something – but don’t get caught up in it,” she advises. “The media makes a sensation out of every little thing because they have to get people to watch it and make the sponsors happy and stuff.

My heart’s sinking.

Just a year ago, the image of a cruise ship evoked positive thoughts of vacations, tropical islands, leisure and relaxation. Now cruise ships are synonymous with infections and death. “This is about vacation,” Liz says. “But we can’t go anywhere – all the borders are closed,” I say. “You’ve been on vacation before – and this is about wanting to experience that again. You’re going to plan a trip overseas.

I’m not recommending cruise ships right now. You don’t have to be psychic to realize that this prediction is highly unlikely. We are talking about other things. The marriage card tells me that I’m getting married in the next 12 months and that I should trust my intuition “when something inside you says ‘I don’t feel like going out tonight.'” This advice feels incongruous with going out and finding a husband.Squirming bodies, aura readings and giant pretzels.

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