‘Happier and healthier’: How a woman regained her wedding gown without relying on the scale.


‘Happier and healthier’: How a woman regained her wedding gown without relying on the scale.

Following a food plan and exercising can help you lose weight. While some may find it more difficult than others, one woman has revealed her amazing 12-week adventure.

When the body is in a calorie deficit, or when it consumes less calories than it burns, weight loss happens. Some slimmers, like Tanya, who observed dramatic visible changes after just 12 weeks, prefer to stick to certain plans while also including an exercise routine into their trip.

Tanya, an NHS nurse, resolved to lose weight after realizing her wedding gown no longer fit her.

Tanya was able to lose inches off her figure with the help of a coach and the Bio-Synergy DNA kit.

To assist people with portion control, the company also offers a meal delivery service.

“My wedding day and wanting to feel wonderful in my outfit that I had already purchased was the biggest motivator to start on the journey to becoming a better me,” Tanya said.

“I fell in love with the gown and brought it to our intended wedding date before the epidemic.

“We had to alter dates three times, and my body shape had changed over that period, and my dress no longer fit me.

“I knew I had gained weight, been unfit, and formed an unhealthy relationship with food, but this was the point at which I realized I needed to make some changes.”

Tanya didn’t notice a significant difference in herself when she stepped on the scale, but the nurse did notice a significant difference in herself.

“I started really focusing on my progression in March, and our wedding day was in early August,” she explained.

“Over the course of the 12 weeks, the scales barely changed. The difference in look that I can notice, though, is tremendous.

“Instead of relying on the number on the scale, I took weekly measurements. I lost 21 centimeters around my belly button, 11 centimeters from my hips and waist, and 6 centimeters from each thigh. So there was a significant visual improvement but only a three-kilogram weight loss on the scales.”

This occurs when the body loses fat while gaining muscle, i.e. when weight is removed and replaced with muscle.

“I worked closely with a coach on a 12-week program to help me retain accountability, and I used a Bio-Synergy DNA kit to aid with a.”Brinkwire Summary News,” Tanya continued.


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